The following ongoing virtual projects and interactive artistic experiences are intended to create space for underrepresented voices.

Art In Public Spaces

A virtual installation platform with an interactive map of Adelphi University’s campus. You are able to click a campus map and view student installation proposals. This project is a collaboration between Hannah Allen’s Fall Digital Imaging Class and Lee Stemkoski and Victoria Grinthal ’20.

Cast Your Vote Election Simulator

In the simulation, you will participate in a hypothetical campus election. The experiences or challenges presented will illustrate ways in which citizens could be disempowered during an election and will also serve as a parallel for historical methods of disenfranchisement.

Dance Film

“Same Cycles Different Rhythms” is choreography by Logan Paschall ’18 to celebrate our common humanity. Using Adelphi dance majors in and out of quarantine, on-campus and remotely, this short film embraces the unity of the human spirit in relation to music, mind and body.

Diverse Voices Project

Adelphi students in Professor Zaccarini’s summer 2020 American Civilization to 1865 class reflected upon the broader meaning of the 19th amendment, which granted mostly white women the right to vote. Students learned about the circumstances of the exclusion of Women and Men of Color at the time of the amendment’s passing, and the struggles that led to 1924 “Indian Citizenship Act,” and the Civil Rights Act of 1965, finally granting People of Color the right to vote.

Students chose quotes that captured the meaning of historical actors’ experiences, sharing their perspectives on such lesser-known historical figures who fought for suffrage as native activist Zitkala-Sa (Gertrude Bonnin), Ida B. Wells Barnett, and Frederick Douglass.

Raising Voices USA

Cindy Vaupel ‘92, MA ‘96 discusses why voting matters, and how to safely cast your vote this election season. She is co-founder of RaisingVoicesUSA, a grassroots, Long Island-based advocacy organization with a mission to activate informed civic engagement.

Sculpture Installation: The Piñata Project Addressing Issues of Voter Rights and Societal Rebirth During COVID-19

A series of monumental but temporary sculptural objects created by Adelphi students during remote learning experiences. By Christopher Saucedo in collaboration with Samantha Dominik ’17.

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