What is InterviewStream?

In order to help prepare you for the professional world, we’ve partnered with InterviewStream, a service that allows you to practice and develop your interview skills in a stress-free environment.

What Can I Do With InterviewStream?

InterviewStream gives you access to various resources to assist you with your interviewing development. There are PDFs with different useful information such as an elevator pitch guide or interview best practices, as well as a video about some common interview questions and how to go about answering them.

Mock Interviews With InterviewStream

One of the most valuable resources that InterviewStream provides is the ability to do a mock-interview. You can choose from premade interviews or set up a custom interview by choosing questions that may be asked in select fields such as business, law, education, medicine and more. Each of these fields has different paths enabling you to get some of the most specific questions you could think of.

Once you have chosen what type of mock interview you would like to do, InterviewStream will begin the mock interview. In order to begin, you will need to give InterviewStream access to your camera and microphone. The service will then ask you questions and give you time to answer while recording your responses.

When your interview had concluded, you will be allowed to view the recording of the interview, assess how you’ve done, and leave comments to track performance that will allow you to improve over time.

How Do I Get Started With InterviewStream?

You can conveniently access InterviewStream on eCampus, or contact the Center for Career and Professional Development to arrange for a customized or mock-interview and follow-up.

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