Consistent with the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education, the Care Team reviews every request for care individually and coordinates appropriate follow-up and support measures.

Additionally, the Care Team balances the unique needs of students with those of our broader Adelphi community. This team meets regularly with other University offices that are dedicated to the wellbeing and safety of our community to discuss situations that are escalating or may need more immediate intervention.

Referral and Case Management Process

  1. A referral or request for services is submitted.
  2. The Care Team administrator assesses and assigns a case manager.
  3. A case manager reaches out to the person who made the inquiry to gather important information about the situation.
  4. The case manager will assess the unique needs of the student and will work with them to coordinate any necessary resources, outreach, referrals and follow-up measures.
  5. The case manager will help to develop a care plan with the individual and continue to meet until it is deemed no longer necessary.
  6. The referral is closed.
Jessica Campbell
Coordinator of Integrated Care and Case Management
Phone Number
Nexus Building 307
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