What is Expect Extraordinary?

It is critical for Adelphi to communicate clearly to all in our community—including prospective students and parents, donors and supporters, and our own faculty, staff and students—what is distinctive about our University.

We know that an Adelphi experience has many unique characteristics and qualities, and that students, faculty and staff can expect a different experience at Adelphi than they would receive at other institutions.

A simple, unified theme was needed to communicate this difference on our many marketing and communications platforms, including advertising and admissions materials, our website and social media. That is the idea behind Expect Extraord!nary, our brand campaign.

Now, Expect Extraordinary, which began as a marketing message, has become a message that can be shared by our community as an overall theme for the work we do here at Adelphi—in School or department communications, University initiatives, presentations, talking points or any other efforts where we need to communicate ways that Adelphi stands apart.

Key Message

Adelphi University offers many exceptional—or beyond-the-ordinary—experiences in higher education, compared with other universities.

  • The statement “expect extraordinary” needs to be followed by specific, simple reasons why, usually expressed in comparative form, supported by facts.
  • These “reasons why” are a key part of this messaging, and help set Adelphi apart from other universities.
  • Please note, “good” is not “extraordinary.” Not every story, or every aspect, is extraordinary. Avoid overpromise.

Communications under Expect Extraordinary reveal surprising and compelling facts about Adelphi, but the word extraordinary should not become overused.

Tone and Manner

  • Elevated
  • Exciting
  • Proud
  • Surprising

Messaging Examples for Expect Extraordinary

Correct Usage

Example for student communications:

  • Higher graduating salaries
  • More flexible schedules for graduate students
  • Smaller classes

Example for employee communications:

  • We are the only university on Long Island named among America’s Best Employers in New York for 2023 by Forbes.

Example for academic communications:

  • The Adelphi University College of Nursing and Public Health has been ranked a U.S. News & World Report Best Undergraduate Nursing Program for three consecutive years.

Incorrect Usage

  • Adelphi is an extraordinary university, or extraordinary in every aspect.
  • Every Adelphi student is extraordinary.
  • Messaging to students: “You will become extraordinary if you attend Adelphi.”

General Guidelines for Our Community

  1. The word extraordinary is fine to use in your emails, speeches and newsletters.
  2. When you can, substantiate your use of “extraordinary” with factual “reasons why.” This keeps our message authentic.
  3. UCOMM guidance should be requested before using “Expect Extraordinary” for naming events, programs and initiatives.

Expect Extraordinary Social Media Guidelines

We’ve incorporated extraordinary hashtags on all Adelphi and Adelphi-affiliated social media channels. For further guidance, we recommend consulting our comprehensive social media guidelines.

#ExtraordinaryAdelphi is our general hashtag for all stories that showcase and provide proof points circling back to the “Expect Extraordinary” effort. It should be reserved for the truly exemplary events, initiatives, awards and recognitions. See how it is used on each of these platforms:

#ExtraordinaryStory is used for posts specifically about Adelphi people—stories of students, faculty, staff and alumni that live and breathe an extraordinary experience at (or because of) Adelphi. #ExtraordinaryAdelphi should be used in concert with #ExtraordinaryStory.

#ExtraordinaryMinds is reserved for our faculty and staff research and creative works spotlights—often through short-form videos. This hashtag was created to show the unique, often unseen research that we want Adelphi to be better known for. #ExtraordinaryAdelphi should be used in concert with #ExtraordinaryMinds.

Frequently Asked Questions

The logo is reserved for marketing and recruitment materials. Permission for use beyond this will be granted on a case-by-case basis by Office of University Communication and Marketing (UCOMM). Feel free to use the words Expect Extraordinary following the standards above, using approved Adelphi fonts.




No. The Office of University Communication and Marketing (UCOMM) reserves this usage, as it is primarily an art element.

Yes, if you follow the above guidelines.

Yes, but you must follow the above guidelines. Ask yourself, “Is my event or program truly extraordinary—or am I overpromising?” UCOMM Bootcamp meets weekly to assist you with names for such initiatives.

Yes, but please follow the above guidelines.

Email our Office of University Communications and Marketing at ucomm@adelphi.edu.

Please consult with UCOMM to include Expect Extraordinary art elements on merchandise.

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