The Office of External Relations is pleased to share some helpful tips and recommendations to elevate your virtual events.

Timing is Everything

Have you considered other Adelphi groups, units or divisions that can help expand the reach (and ultimate attendance) of your virtual event? It is helpful to think about who you ultimately want to be in attendance at the event so you can make sure that they are part of your planning process.

Hosting your event over the lunch hour or after work hours may increase your event attendance. Consider who your audience is when choosing the time. Be sure to consider the time zones of your audiences and include the time zone in your event promotion.

Keeping your event attendees’ attention online is even trickier than in person. Keep your event short and sweet with a clear posted agenda so event attendees know what is coming next. Be sure to create breaks to allow guests to step away from their computers and times of virtual networking so all event attendees are engaged in conversation — not just listening to a speaker for two hours!

There are countless internal and external events, programs and distractions competing for the attention and time of our Panthers. Before selecting the time, date, and topic of your event, we STRONGLY recommend checking the Adelphi University events calendar in an effort to avoid conflicting programs at the same time. Additionally, we recommend you review the Interfaith Center calendar of Religious Holy Days as well as your local, state and national calendars for events that may conflict with your program.

Virtual events extend past the typical who, what when and why of an event. See below for question to consider when planning a virtual event.

  • Will the event be live? Pre-recorded? A mix of both?
  • What platform will you be using? Zoom meetings?, Zoom webinar? A different platform that may require instructions?
  • Do attendees need a password? If yes, be sure to send reminder emails with this information.
  • How will guests RSVP?
  • Will the events be recorded so people who missed the live event can view the content?
    • Do you have approval from the speaker to record the event?
    • Be sure to include a statement in the reminder email informing participants if the event will be recorded.
    • Will the recording be closed captioned?
    • Where will the recording live once it’s made available?
  • Do you have a communication plan in place?; Confirmation email, reminder email, post-event email, etc.? See below for promotion suggestions.
  • Adelphi makes accommodations for persons with disabilities. Our disability statement must be placed on every on-campus event publication, including emails. It reads:
    • Should you require a disability-related accommodation to participate in a university-sponsored virtual event or program, please contact the Student Access Office by phone at 516-877-3806 or email at When possible, please allow for a reasonable time frame prior to the event with requests for American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreters, Closed Captioning (CC), or Communication Access Real-time Translation (CART) Services; we suggest a minimum of five (5) business days.

Event Promotion

The following steps should be taken for all University events:

  • Create a Zoom registration page (if you are using Zoom)
    • Ask Relation to Adelphi (student, prospective student, staff, faculty, alumni, community, etc.)
  • Complete Website Update Request Form for “Event.”
    • It is recommended to use an approved image and description- this should be used for all communications for consistency
    • If you plan to promote the event to all alumni, include the following in the notes of the Event Submission Form: Please tag Alumni & Friends.
  • Complete Submit Content for Adelphi Social Media request form to have the event featured on Adelphi’s main social media accounts
  • Contact UCOMM ( to make sure that event is featured in the Insider; generally requires 2 weeks to notice to incorporate.
  • Is this event open to alumni? If yes, contact the Office of Alumni Relations
  • Is this event for the recruitment of prospective students? If yes, contact the University Admissions Events Team

Support by External Relations

  • Request to have your event on the Adelphi Alumni social media pages by using this form
  • Request to include your event in the monthly Alumni newsletter by emailing Stephanie Flynn, Associate Director, Communications at
  • To be considered for inclusion in our next printed calendar, please contact Associate Director of Special Events, Kelly Ann Keenan at

Additional Considerations/Event Enhancements

  • Sending a thank-you email to all attendees. You can use this as an opportunity to promote future events. Consider other events happening outside of your unit that may be of interest to the attendees.
  • Sending a thank you to the speakers/panelists
  • If you have alumni guests or speakers, alert the Office of Alumni Relations so that we can either sen a member of the team to attend and show support and/or thank the alumni following the event
  • Use a Virtual Zoom Background created by our Communications Team to help with branding your event
  • Pull a registration report after your event.
    • In your Zoom web portal on eCampus, click Reports on the left hand side. Click Usage.
    • Find your meeting title, click the number of participants on the right hand side hyperlinked in blue. Click export.
    • If any prospective students attended your event, please be sure to share any information you have with Admissions.
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