The Real Cases Project traces its beginnings to its convening by the NYC Social Work Education Consortium in 2003.

Members of the Social Work Education Consortium

New York City
Administration for Children’s Services

Adelphi University
School of Social Work

Columbia University
School of Social Work

Fordham University
Graduate School of Social Service

Hunter College
School of Social Work of the City University of New York

Lehman College
of the City University of New York

Long Island University

New York University
Silver School of Social Work

Stony Brook University
School of Social Welfare

Touro College
Graduate School of Social Work

Yeshiva University
Wurzweiler School of Social Work

Commissioner Mattingly and the Deans and Directors of the Social Work Education Consortium have supported this Project, facilitated the participation of numerous contributors from their organizations, and have maintained their commitment to building a partnership for the professionalization of child welfare services. The Consortium’s efforts are spearheaded by Mary McCarthy, Consortium Director; Ervine Kimerling, Executive Director of the James Satterwhite Academy, Administration for Children’s Services; and Alexis Howard, NYC Consortium Coordinator. They have served essential roles in insuring that the Real Cases Project reached the stage it has today.

Since its inception and through its development, the Project has included the active participation of many collaborators from three primary constituencies, brought together in a committed partnership. Carol S. Cohen from Adelphi University School of Social Work, and Tatyana Gimein, Director of Curriculum Development of the James Satterwhite Academy of ACS served as Project Co-Chairs for many years, until Tatyana’s retirement. Heide Gersh Rosner, Director of the Professional Development Program of the James Satterwhite Academy, has contributed greatly, and has been with the Committee since its inception. Sharon Kollar, former Center for Women in Government and Civil Society Fellow, and Tara Bulin, Adelphi University Adjunct Faculty and PhD Candidate, were critical in developing and editing this document.

The Real Cases Project website is hosted by the Adelphi University School of Social Work, thanks to the efforts of Peter Chernack, School of Social Work Associate Dean for Program Development and Administration and Erica Klein, Adelphi University Manager of Web Communications.

In an attempt to acknowledge their contribution, the following list of participants is offered with gratitude and apologies in advance for any inadvertent omissions.

Participants from NYC Administration for Children’s Services

  • Kathy Blunt
  • Dorothy Cervano
  • Diane Connolly
  • Christiana Cummings
  • Sandra Davidson
  • Tatyana Gimein
  • Selina Higgins
  • Ervine Kimerling
  • Donna Lawrence
  • Marilynn Myles
  • Maxine Peterson
  • Irma Quarles
  • Alicia Rooks
  • Heidi Gersh Rosner
  • Lucille Schultze

Participants from Metropolitan New York Social Work Education Programs

Janet Abbott
Columbia University

Julie Altman
Adelphi University

Tara Bulin
Adelphi University

Alma Carten
New York University

Roslyn Chernesky
Fordham University

Shantih Clemans
Yeshiva University

Carol S. Cohen
Adelphi University

Elaine Congress
Fordham University

Manny Gonzalez
Hunter College

Gerald Mallon
Hunter College

Brenda McGowan
Fordham University

Elizabeth Palley
Adelphi University

Michael Phillips
Fordham University

Michele Sanzone
Adelphi University

Charles Trent
Yeshiva University

Bryan Warde
Lehman College

Rozetta Wilmore-Schaeffer
Yeshiva University

Participants from the New York Social Work Education Consortium

  • Meredith Harris
  • Alexis Howard
  • Deidra Houston
  • Sharon Kollar
  • Meredith LaFave
  • Mary McCarthy
  • Rosemary Sherman
The Real Cases Project is Copyright Protected: Materials are available for social work educational purposes without permission, but must include attribution to the Real Cases Project, including the Website address:, and Sponsors: New York City Social Work Education Consortium and New York City Administration for Children's Services. Website and hosting provided by Adelphi University School of Social Work.
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