Explore reading materials about dealing with alcohol or drug abuse.

  • The Addiction Workbook: A step-by-step guide to quitting alcohol and drugs, by Patrick Fanning and John O’Neill
  • When AA Doesn’t Work for You: Rational Steps to Quitting Alcohol, by Albert Ellis and Emmett Velten
  • The Miracle Method: A Radically New Approach to Problem Drinking, by Scott D. Miller and Insoo Kim Berg
  • Changing for Good, by James O., Ph.D. Prochaska, John C. Norcross and Carlos C. Diclemente
  • Sober for Good by Anne M. Fletcher and Frederick B. Glaser
  • Happy Hours: Alcohol in a Woman’s Life, by Devon Jersild
  • Under the Influence: A Guide to the Myths and Realities of Alcoholism, by James Robert Milam, Katherine Ketcham
  • Rational Recovery: The New Cure for Substance Addiction, by Jack Trimpey
  • The Small Book: A Revolutionary Approach to Overcoming Drug and Alcohol Dependence (Rational Recovery Systems) by Jack Trimpey, Albert Ellis
  • Buzzed: The Straight Facts about the Most Used and Abused Drugs from Alcohol to Ecstasy, by Cynthia Kuhn, Scott, Ph.D. Swartzwelder, Wilkie, Ph.D. Wilson, Leigh Heather Wilson, Jeremy Foster, Cynthia, Ph.D. Kuhn, Wilkie Wilson, Scott Swartzwelder
  • Over the Influence : The Harm Reduction Guide for Managing Drugs and Alcohol, by Patt Denning, Jeannie Little, Adina Glickman
  • Responsible Drinking: A Moderation Management Approach for Problem Drinkers, by Frederick Rotgers, Marc F. Kern, Rudy Hoeltzel
  • Get Your Loved One Sober: Alternatives to Nagging, Pleading, and Threatening
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