Adelphi University is committed to providing a safe learning environment. In order to accomplish this, we’ve partnered with EverFi to provide sexual assault and alcohol training to students through their online training platform.

What is EverFi?

EverFi provides online courses that are designed to help you make healthy and safe decisions about alcohol consumption, and attitudes and behaviors surrounding sexual assault.

Who Can Access the Sexual Assault and Alcohol Training Courses?

Training courses are available during select periods throughout the year for all first-year students, graduate students and transfer students. All new students are required to complete the training within a specified time frame. Clicking on the icon within eCampus will take you to the program, where programs can be user added.

Training Course Availability

First-year students are generally assigned training during first-year orientation. An email will be sent to graduate students and transfer students letting you know when the course is available through your eCampus account. For all other students, the courses are always available.

What Type of Courses are Available?

Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates helps colleges and universities comply with the educational requirements relating to sexual misconduct in Title IX and the Clery Act. Built in collaboration with leading researchers and practitioners, this course combines cutting-edge instructional design and rich media to educate students about healthy relationships, the importance of consent, and the role of bystander intervention. Interactive exercises take students through real-world scenarios and encourage students to challenge sexist language and attitudes, provide guidance for supporting someone who has experienced harm, and promote healthy relationships based on positive communication and respect—empowering students to create safe, healthy campus environments.

Alcohol abuse on campus doesn’t just put students’ safety and health risk, but greatly threatens the ability of institutions of higher education to achieve their organizational objectives. AlcoholEdu® can help. This interactive online program incorporates the latest evidence-based prevention methods to create a highly engaging user experience, inspiring students to reflect on and consider changing their drinking habits. Today, AlcoholEdu is used on more than 500 campuses and by 36% of all first-year students at America’s four-year higher education institutions, and is the only program proven to reduce negative alcohol-related consequences among students.

AlcoholEdu for Sanctions helps students who have violated alcohol policies make safer and healthier choices – and avoid getting in trouble again.  The course provides a strong educational foundation to support campus judicial programs and is an essential component of a comprehensive alcohol prevention initiative.

AlcoholEdu for Sanctions engages students by integrating prevention techniques with non-opinionated, science-based interactive alcohol education.

Course Features:

  • Provides highly personalized and customized educational experiences
  • Produces strategic learning gains
  • Changes perceptions
  • Motivates behavior change
  • Supports healthy decisions

Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention is a new online training program designed to empower students with the skills and knowledge they need to make safe and healthy decisions about prescription drugs using an evidence-based, public health approach delivered via EverFi’s innovative and scalable online platform.

Sexual Assault Prevention for Graduate Students equips graduate students with the tools needed to navigate new and complex relationships including how to identify and respond to harassment from a faculty member or advisor, other workplace-based harassment, how to respectfully engage with undergraduate students, and how to respond to student disclosures.

How to Access the Training Courses

Accessing courses is as simple as logging in to eCampus and selecting the appropriate icon within the services section. Make sure to log in through eCampus rather than a direct URL to EverFi.

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