Become familiar with the University’s stance on alcohol and drugs.

Adelphi University in its mission to provide a quality education for students and to prepare them for a healthy and productive life realizes the importance of a drug-free campus and is therefore strongly committed to prevention of substance abuse.

It is the University’s policy to prohibit the unlawful manufacturing or distribution, dispensing, possession, or use of illicit drugs and alcohol anywhere on the Adelphi campus or as part of any Adelphi University activity.

Note: The University does allow limited use of alcoholic beverages by individuals of the New York State legal drinking age of 21, at University-sanctioned events in licensed facilities on campus in compliance with all laws. Alcohol is not permitted in residence halls. The Department of Public Safety and Transportation with the assistance of the Garden City police enforce state and local laws pertaining to unlawful underage alcohol possession, sale and use. The Department of Public Safety and the Garden City Police Department also regularly enforces state drug laws and may from time to time assist federal agencies with the enforcement of federal drug laws.

Any member of the Adelphi community (including staff, faculty, and students) found to be in violation of this rule will be subject to strict discipline, up to and including dismissal as well as criminal prosecution, fine and imprisonment if applicable.

A full statement of the University’s Policies, Rules and Standards Regarding Illicit Drugs and Alcohol, health risks associated with drug and alcohol use, legal sanctions, treatment and counseling availability may be found in the publication “Adelphi University Policies, Rules, and Standards Regarding Illicit Drugs and Alcohol” which can be found at the Student Counseling Center, Dean of Student Affairs Office, Health Services, and the Office of Human Resources and at

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