Access to exciting and unique undergraduate research opportunities is a major factor to Adelphi alumni success.

Benefits of participating in research include:

  • Discover new career interests
  • Gain marketable skills useful in many careers
  • Prepare for graduate school
  • Improve writing and reasoning skills
  • Build presentation and visual information skills
  • Boost confidence in public speaking
  • Get published in academic journals as an author or co-author
  • Develop relationships with faculty mentors and other collaborators
  • Create tangible products (like games or artwork)
  • Research Opportunities for Undergraduate Students at Adelphi

Adelphi University offers undergraduate students many ways to get involved in research. 

Lab and Research Assistant Positions

Students of all majors have a chance to work or volunteer as lab and research assistants in faculty labs. These hands-on experiences might involve collecting, cleaning and analyzing data; performing and observing experiments; and writing and editing reports.

See how one Adelphi lab gives research opportunities to students: The Fareri Lab for Social Neuroscience and Decision-Making.

Travel Study With Faculty Members

Many Adelphi academic programs offer travel-study experiences, some of which are related to their professor’s research interests. For example, Michael D’Emic, PhD, an assistant professor of biology, offers a three-credit summer archaeological field course, which takes students out west to dig for fossils. 

Class Projects, Independent Study and Service Work

Across disciplines, many Adelphi faculty members create coursework and class activities around research initiatives. This hands-on experience broadens students’ understanding of a topic, while allowing them to see the issue being tackled in action. Students in majors of all kinds also can enroll in an independent study course, which often revolves around a research project.

Special Undergraduate Research Programs

Undergraduate research happens in many areas across Adelphi. Some academic departments have created formal programs around the idea of scholarship, and our career services team also offers students a chance to gain research experience through internships and a special fellows program. These are a few examples of programs that provide support and encouragement for undergraduate research:

Levermore Global Scholars

Levermore Global Scholars (LGS) are committed to building a better world both nearby and around the globe. This selective program admits 60 students from the College of Arts and Sciences each year. Throughout their four years at Adelphi, scholars participate in cultural excursions, internships, service work and activities locally and beyond, and they often study abroad for a semester or two.

Jaggar Community Fellows Program

This competitive program awards undergrad (and grad) students paid summer internships within the nonprofit sector in a variety of disciplines from health to arts. Many of these opportunities are research related. Read about Melissa Emilcar’s experience with the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research at Northwell Health.

Emerging Scholars Program in Psychology

The Emerging Scholars Program is a selective, year-long undergraduate research program for intellectually curious junior and senior psychology majors. Participants pursue original research and, once per month, attend a seminar with other Emerging Scholars to discuss important topics like ethics, data analysis and graduate school admissions.

Biology Department Undergraduate Research Seminars

Biology undergraduates are actively involved in original research. Students who take specific courses like Guided Research in Biology also present at the department’s annual research seminar.

Honors College Summer Research Opportunities

Honors College students from all majors can apply for a Summer Research Fellowship to work with a faculty member on a 6-8-week full-time research project as an Honors College Research Fellow.

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