Adelphi University’s faculty is a diverse and visionary group of scholars from across a breadth of disciplines, from anthropology to zoology and everything in between.

Their commitment to educating Adelphi’s students is strengthened by their own passion for learning and expanding our knowledge through innovation, research and creative scholarship.

We are proud of our faculty’s extraordinary contributions to our world, and take every opportunity to celebrate their achievements.

Academic and Creative Research Magazine

Adelphi’s Academic and Creative Research Magazine is published annually and features a deep dive into our faculty’s most compelling research and creative work, and showcases books they have published and grants they have secured to further their endeavors.

Scholars and Artists of Adelphi University Newsletter

The Office of the Provost’s Scholars and Artists of Adelphi University newsletter is produced triannually, spotlighting the latest faculty scholarly and creative efforts and linking them to important societal topics.

Scholarly Works - University Libraries

Interested in checking out the latest research published by our faculty? Search University Libraries’ Scholarly Works, the institutional repository of Adelphi University, offering online access to scholarly and creative works produced by members of our faculty, staff, and student body.

Watch and Learn

Delve into the meaningful and fascinating research of Adelphi’s faculty in videos produced to highlight their work

Adelphi Faculty in the Media

Adelphi’s faculty members are sought-after experts who frequently contribute their ideas and knowledge in the media. Whether in print, online, on a podcast or in front of the camera, they give important context and broader meaning to topics in the news.

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