The Master of Science program in speech-language pathology provides academic and practicum experiences basic to the development of clinical competence in the evaluation, diagnosis, and remediation of disorders of speech and language. The mission of the Master of Science program in speech-language pathology is to provide students with a strong understanding of the connections between the scientific bases of our discipline and its clinical practice. We strive to prepare the finest professional and ethical research-based clinicians who can assess and treat children and adults with communication disorders within our scope of practice and from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.


Goal  #1:  To increase engagement with the local and global communities

  • Objective: Continue to develop study abroad options.
  • Objective: Expand Telepractice initiatives.
  • Objective: Develop relationships with schools and local communities.

Goal  #2:  To continue as a center for Academic and Clinical excellence by integrating clinical training and scholarship

  • Objective: Develop elective opportunities to broaden and strengthen student experience in research and/or specialized areas of clinical practice.
  • Objective: Develop models of Interprofessional Practice and Interprofessional Education (IPP/IPE).
  • Objective: Promote best practice by developing clinical pathways through faculty and clinical educator collaboration.

Goal  #3:   Increase inclusive learning opportunities enhancing cultural and linguistic diversity.

  • Objective: Demonstrate a commitment to ongoing training for cultural competence and cultural humility.
  • Objective: Offer bilingual opportunities to students, either through coursework and/or clinical practice.
  • Objective: Continue to increase client diversity and service delivery models.
Hy Weinberg Center, 117
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