Understand the degree requirements for your major.

The web-based academic advisement tool takes the courses from your transcript and displays them according to how they fulfill the requirements for your chosen degree program.

To access Degree Audit:

  • Log in to eCampus
  • Type Degree Audit into the search and select

The degree audit helps you:

  • Learn the degree requirements for your major and minor, if you have one. It lists the courses in your major as well as courses that fulfill the general education requirements and what you need in order to graduate.
  • Identify courses needed to complete your major and/or minor.
  • See which courses you have taken that do not count towards your major
  • View the grades, transfer credits, and/or waivers applied to your transcript
  • Confirm your grade-point average (GPA)
  • Find out, before you officially change your major how the courses completed meet the new major requirements by using the ‘What-If’ feature
  • Select the correct courses for the next semester or session

Always consult with your adviser if you have any questions about your particular degree requirements. 

‘What-If’ Feature

‘What-If’ feature by selecting your proposed major/degree and concentration if required. The requirements for your selection will appear and you will see how your course work may be used in the program you are considering. Your major won’t change until you complete a Change of Major form, have it signed by the appropriate administrators and return it to the Office of the University Registrar. The form is available in the Office of the University Registrar or online.

If your advisor told you that a course you took would be substituted for a requirement or if a course would be waived and that is not reflected in your Degree Audit, speak to your adviser and ask them if they have filled out an official substitution/waiver form and it has been properly completed, signed and submitted to the Office of the University Registrar.

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