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Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Academic Research, Assessment, and Accreditation (OARAA’) is to provide timely and accurate information and analysis to support institutional effectiveness, including decision-making, university-wide and program-specific assessment, accreditation, and predictive modeling. The Office conducts comprehensive research and analytical studies to facilitate and advance the University’s efforts to fulfill its mission and strategic goals. Additionally, the Office serves as the official reporting source of University data, responding to requests from internal and external constituencies.


  • Be a supportive, responsive and productive office working collaboratively with all constituents to ensure that the information, research, and analysis provided are of the highest quality.
  • Meet reporting requirements as mandated by federal, state, regional and accrediting agencies as well as serve as the official reporting source for University-wide data.
  • Coordinate and support institutional assessment, campus-wide and unit specific surveys, research activities, and academic program review.


The Office promotes the following values, reflecting high standards with regard to confidentiality, professionalism and personal integrity:

Accuracy Provide consistent and reliable data and reports to all constituents
Excellence Ensure all relevant aspects of assessment and institutional research, including assessment outcomes, statistics, surveys, analytical research, programming and data analysis meet the highest standards of quality
Collaboration Value collegial working relations with all constituents
Continual improvement Foster an office environment that values the use of data to improve the effectiveness of current activities and new initiatives
Ethics and integrity Maintain the highest level of integrity, including ensuring confidentiality and objectivity
Innovation Engage in professional development and incorporate new techniques, areas of research, analytical platforms and innovative and dynamic reporting
Professionalism Adhere to established professional standards
Responsiveness Respond to all requests in a timely manner and support all units that require assistance and expertise in the area of research and assessment
Transparency Encourage transparency by disseminating results of surveys and research
Team work Strive to maintain an environment that values and appreciates every team member and is committed to professional and personal development
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