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Brand strategist and creative director Annie Levy has been tapped to direct a much-needed service called “Nonprofits Made Visible”.

The Need

In recent years, we have witnessed leaders reflecting on their organization’s vital role in the community and looking for additional strategies and tools with which to communicate this to funders, political and community leaders, constituents, and internal team members.

Our Response

We understand that you are interested in a communications service to help you discover or rediscover what makes your organization unmistakable—your “brand” in the best sense of that word. In having a diagnostic expert look at how you are telling your story both to the larger world and to your internal team, you will continue to engage and inspire existing partners while building bridges to new ones.

Who Can Benefit?

This new offering is specifically designed for Executive Directors as well as for their organization’s Department Directors including Communications, Marketing, and Development Directors.

Consultation and Coaching Services

Choose the level of consultation and the fit that is right for you at this time.

Is it time for a fresh perspective on your story?

This service offers an expert outsider’s perspective to look at the story you are currently telling. This discovery process includes a review of all materials, including web and digital assets. We provide a detailed report summarizing our evaluation with key findings that can suggest improvements and possible areas where a pivot might be beneficial.

Do you have a well-established story but wish to learn the best ways to tell it?

  • Collaborative consulting with leaders who know your organization’s story will inform guidance on how to bring your story to life or tailor it to different audiences including funders, the media, and potential clients.
  • Evaluation of your organization’s leadership team will determine which members are best suited to tell different aspects of your story. We will identify ways to amplify your message with a proactive approach to constituency building and innovative messaging. This work includes assessment and development of materials for public-facing presentations.

A more comprehensive diagnostic assessment includes interviews with leadership about the organization’s history, current status, and vision for the future. This can include a “competitive” analysis detailing where the organization is within the sector’s landscape. We can provide a thorough review of your digital presence and other assets as well as an evaluation of website functionality.

The diagnostic report provides the organization with a blueprint to build upon as time and budget allow. Your organization can choose to take subsequent steps “in-house” or with existing vendors to implement suggested changes. This report can serve as a valuable tool for use as part of an overall strategic plan.

With this service, your organization will collaborate with Annie’s team to co-author unique deliverables that will bring your story to life. These products may include: presentations and materials for exhibits/meetings; micro-sites that highlight a particular story about an aspect of your work; website redesign strategies and solutions; and special projects for organizational milestones, events, and public-facing campaigns.

About Annie Levy

Annie LevyBringing an unerring approach to branding/rebranding and communications, Annie is passionate about finding the distinct value and beauty of your mission and creating engaging ways to make it visible across all media. She holds a BFA from NYU Tisch School of the Arts and LMSW from Silberman School of Social Work. Annie brings to each project her trained and discerning eye combined with her experience in the nonprofit sector and working with those who get up each day to change the world. She has worked with leaders of organizations and department directors in both the nonprofit and for-profit worlds, ranging from the National Academy of Medicine to NGOs on the international stage to major Real Estate and Community Development Firms.

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