Learn how to get started with a Writing Assistant.

A collaborative program like this one only works when faculty dedicate themselves to making the Writing Assistant an integral part of the course—and if necessary—adjust their assignment and class design to maximize use of the additional help.

For the program to work as intended:

  • Work with the Writing Assistant must be required of all students—not just recommended.
  • Faculty must enforce the requirement, ensuring that students are meeting their obligation to work with the Writing Assistant.
  • All students must fulfill the same requirements (i.e., no exemptions for “strong writers,” though we might recommend weaker writers seek additional help.)
  • Use of the Writing Assistant must be spread fairly consistently across the semester, not isolated to two or three points in the semester when papers come due.
  • Any short, periodic writing assignments (such as reflection papers) should be designed to lead to larger, more complex projects.
  • Writing Assistants must work about 5 hours/week (preparing workshops, reading students’ written work, conferencing with students, attending the class when appropriate, etc.)

How To Nominate A Student

Step 1: Read the Writing Assistant Handbook (PDF).

Step 2: Identify the student you want as your Writing Assistant:

  • Any graduate student or undergraduate who will be a junior or senior during the term may be nominated.
  • Writing Assistants may not be enrolled in the course in which they are working.
  • Any student nominated to be a Writing Assistant should be an outstanding student and a good writer. Equally important is that Writing Assistants have the same qualities of good teachers—good social skills; patience, conscientiousness and trustworthiness; and an ability to communicate clearly in both speech and writing.
  • Writing Assistants average 5 hours of work per week.

Step 3: Fill out the online request form

Step 4: We will contact you to request further information or an in-person meeting if needed (the meeting is required if you have never used a Writing Assistant before), and we will send the nominated student an invitation to fill out an application.

Step 5: Send us a finalized plan for using the Writing Assistant before the start of the semester.

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