Support and engagement across all academic disciplines.

Our experienced tutors deliver services in the form of:

  • One-on-one tutoring appointments
  • Group tutoring or study sessions
  • Small- or large-form workshops (for both specific academic areas and holistic academic skills)

Any of these synchronous services can take place in-person or entirely online. Our appointment scheduling system doubles as a digital tutoring platform, where you can work with any tutor remotely over a video feed and text chat along with an interactive whiteboard. Our workshops can also be offered as live webcasts.

As an international student, I needed the Writing Center to help me get started on papers, organize my ideas and revise grammar.

Yingying Zhuang, MA ‘20 graduate student in general psychology

Virtual Campus

The CASE Virtual Campus is a page set up on Moodle to provide digital resources you can access at any time, including video recordings of workshops and interactive academic self-assessments.

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We offer a range of programs and services to help students see themselves as learners and scholars, to support their classwork and writing, and to engage them in ideas beyond the curriculum.
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