Writing Assistants can help your students become better writers.

This program places a Writing Assistant (WA) into discipline-specific courses, providing the instructor with a trained writing tutor who can guide students through writing assignments and help them hone their writing process: generating and developing ideas, working with sources, drafting, citing and editing for clarity.

The program is designed for intro-level undergraduate courses, but can sometimes be tailored to advanced undergraduate courses as well.

Philosophy of the Program

The Writing Assistants Program has been designed around a few central pedagogical principles:

  1. We assume that all writers, of whatever background and capability, benefit greatly from a thoughtful response to a draft of their writing. Indeed, good writers almost by definition understand the value of feedback and actively seek it out.
  2. We are convinced that writing itself is a cognitive act central to learning, and that writing can be used fruitfully within any discipline as a tool of instruction.
  3. We value improving the writing habits and processes of student writers more than ensuring the production of perfect papers.
  4. Finally, we believe firmly in the effectiveness of peer-assisted learning and the value of collaboration.

Faculty who would like to request a Writing Assistant should read more about the program in the faculty handbook and then fill out the online request form.

Students are nominated by faculty to become Writing Assistants. Interested students often approach faculty who have used Writing Assistants in the past to offer their services. If you have been nominated to work with a faculty member, please read the handbook (PDF) and then fill in the online application.

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