International Services will review and process completed DS-2019 requests received by potential exchange visitors who have been fully selected and invited to participate in the individual category by the appropriate Adelphi University academic school or department.

Participants should plan early and submit all requirements allowing sufficient time to receive your DS-2019, “Certificate of Eligibility” which is required for program participation and to obtain a J-1 visa.

DS-2019 Requirements

The following documentation must be submitted and completed in order to request your DS-2019 Form.

  1. Invitation Letter – Participants must provide a letter of invitation from the Academic Dean or Administrative Department identifying the following; Scholars name as indicated in the passport, Site of Activity (i.e. Garden City Campus, Manhattan Campus, Other), Supervising Faculty or Administrative Area, Program Category (i.e. Student, Short Term Scholar, Research Scholar, Professor), Program Start Date and Program End Date, Subject / Field of Research, and Any financial assistance provided by the university
  2. Exchange Visitor Required Processing Fee – Exchange visitors are responsible for paying the non-refundable $75.00 fee using Flywire
  3. DS-2019 Request Form – This form must be completed by the program participant by providing accurate information as listed. DS-2019 Request Form
  4. Exchange Visitor Insurance Waiver – This form acknowledges the responsibility of the incoming J-1 participant agreeing to maintain insurance coverage as required. J-1 Insurance Waiver Form
  5. Affidavit of Support – Must include the total amount of funding being offered from the financial sponsor. An average estimate is $1,850 per month for scholar category participants. Personal Sponsors must include official bank documentation indicating liquid funding matching the amount of support indicated on your affidavit of support form. Documentation must be official, valid within 6 months, and in English. Affidavit of Support Form
  6. Passport Information Page – Participants must submit a copy of a valid passport.
  7. English Proficiency Report – Participants must possess sufficient proficiency in the English language determined by one of the following: Recognized English language test, Signed documentation from an academic institution or English language school, or Documented interview conducted by the sponsor.  J-1 English Proficiency Report
  8. Proof of Adequate Credentials – Research Scholars and Short Term Scholars must provide updated CV and proof of adequate credentials
  9. Research Proposal – Research Scholars and Short Term Scholars must provide the program description outlining the activities and timeline of events.

Participants bringing a dependent spouse of children must also provide the Dependent DS-2019 request, Dependent Affidavit of Support and Financial Documentation as necessary. 

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