Explore our internship experience–and test-drive your future career.

The Innovation Center Internship Program is an 11-week career-immersion curriculum that allows you to dive into a profession while advancing your soft and hard skills. There are so many reasons to choose the internship program—networking with industry professionals, collaborating with global students or building your dream résumé.

Why Take the Innovation Center Internship Program With Adelphi?

Our Internship Program is designed for you to build problem-solving skills through a project-based approach. You will be assigned to a multidisciplinary team of four to eight students to complete a consulting project based on your desired goals.

By participating in a combination of leading guest speaker series, lectures, company meetings and team dynamic exercises, you will learn design-thinking frameworks and build your personal brand.

Projects will cover a wide range of subjects in strategy, marketing, social work, health and other areas according to your interests. The Innovation Center has a broad partnership base with domestic or international organizations encompassing Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits and start-ups.

Project-based learning is incomparable to theoretical classes. My experience with the gap year program has boosted valuable skills and allowed multidisciplinary collaboration, better preparing me to enter the work field. This experience also expanded my network making it easier to transition from college to the professional world.

Zameena Jivraj-Moorji ‘22 major in communication sciences and disorders

Goals for Your Experience

Learn by Doing

Learn how to break a problem into actionable pieces by participating in a live dynamic project with a real company.

Team Building

Engage with other students from different backgrounds and learn how to collaborate remotely and add to each other’s expertise to create better solutions.

Digital Professional Experience

Enhance your career readiness by developing professional skills and learning how to work remotely.

Test Drive

Confirm your major choice by trying projects in different areas and identifying areas you would like to develop a career in.

Program Options and Costs

Personalize your internship experience. You can choose between two options:

  1. Academic Credit: The Innovation Center Internship Program can be taken as a 3-credit elective course for undergraduates (0137-228) or graduates (0137-689)
  2. Certification: the certificate experience costs $3,200 per term (graduate and undergraduate)

Timing and Program Format

This Internship Program will run remotely throughout the semester, allowing students to connect and collaborate from anywhere in the world. It’s an 11-week schedule with three weeks of training plus eight-week projects each term.

Terms Dates
Spring 2022 February 7 – April 25
Summer 2022 June 7 – August 15
Fall 2022 September 7 – November 21

Weekly Commitment

Students should plan on an average weekly commitment of 10 to 15 hours. Each week students will engage in the following.

Participating in faculty lectures, meetings with the Innovation Center leadership, and webinars with industry leaders from across the globe. These sections will be scheduled on a weekly basis Monday through Friday anytime between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. EST.

Completing project-related work, both individually and as a group plus weekly company meetings. These sections will have a flexible schedule according to the team and partner company availability.

The Innovation Center Internship experience provided me with a real-world look into consulting and the transfer agency market. I learned many skills in Excel that allowed my team and I to map out the transfer agency market and to produce helpful data for market analysis. Our client was immensely helpful and gave us the tools we needed to get the job done.

Nico Brancato ‘22, MBA ‘23 Business of Science program

Your Internship Pathway

Develop your public speaking style and building your professional persona. This includes working on your résumé and presenting an elevator pitch.

Engage in problem-solving and project management training. This includes design thinking, brainstorming and fostering leadership skills.

This time is focused on project-related activities. Along with your teammates and partner company, you’ll engage in market research, competitor analysis, internal analysis, and research & development.

During this midpoint, you and your team will focus on strategic thinking and professional communication. This includes formulating your strategy, key takeaways, and market conclusions.

The final few weeks of your journey will be devoted to project-related activities including final presentations. This includes strategy design, execution plan, implementation timeline, final suggestions and deliverables.

Past Completed Projects

Human Resources – IBM

Students focused on talent acquisition to assist IBM in understanding how to attract the best talents and prepare its workforce to deliver high-end services to clients.

COVID-19 Strategy and Planning – Northwell Health

Students designed a framework for the Northwell Health Virtual Internship Program that focused on nonclinical internships.

Supply Chain Management – Bayside Brewery

Students designed an online business strategy and identified new distribution channels to improve the chain management flow and operations during COVID-19.

Strategic Planning – Generational Mental Health

Students created a strategic plan for 2021 to help Generational Mental Health reposition itself and set short- and long-term goals that will provide value to their target population.

Analytical Market Analysis – Broadridge Financial Solutions

The students gathered primary and secondary data to build a product feature map that allows intelligence practitioners to evaluate the competitive landscape for their product or service.

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