Spring 2020 Projects

Licensing International

The project objective was to identify the initial investment, risks, and opportunities associated with pursuing a new revenue source. The students compiled a list of best practices and provided  concrete suggestions on service offerings, potential partnerships, investments, and calculated a P&L.

The team was instrumental in helping us develop a “go to market” strategy for our education initiative.

Maura Regan President, Licensing International

Objective Group

Industry: Technology
Project focus: Growth Strategy

Company Profile

Objective Group is a private information technology and services company that specializes in software development, agile methodologies, assessment and consulting.

Project Framework

The team analyzed 5 industries that are high users of information technology to assess which industry would have a better fit for Objective’s SINCCERA product given the opportunity, competition, return and ease to enter.


After narrowing the industry selection, the team developed a comprehensive market penetration plan for the selected vertical detailing the entry strategy and implementation requirements.

As an international student, I would highly recommend participating in a project with an external stakeholder, sharing each other’s ideas, and working towards the same goal. As a psychology major, what we are taught can be very academic and clinical; however, with this program, we applied what we learned to a real business challenge

Shuan Yu Chen Masters, General Psychology, May 2022

Jovia Financial Credit Union

The project objective was to gather primary and secondary research about generation-z online and mobile banking trends and preferences. The students helped guide Jovia Financial Credit Union innovate its mobile and online banking tools by enhancing data visualization for clients’ account information.

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