Adelphi Honors Hispanic Heritage Month

Adelphi Honors Hispanic Heritage Month

Join us this month as we at Adelphi highlight the accomplishments and achievements of the Hispanic members of our community, and learn about the numerous ways we are supporting change, progress and equity.

At Adelphi, we see Hispanic Heritage Month as an opportunity to not only celebrate the achievements of Hispanic people in our community and worldwide, but also share an opportunity to re-commit to the ideals of social justice and equity.

From a panel on Hispanic musicians and industry experts (with a performance by the Lulada Club), to a panel by the La Unidad Latina fraternity, we hope to challenge, reflect, educate and help build a better future during this month of events.

Please review our Latin American and Latinx Studies Program and our Hispanic Serving Institution Task Force, as well as our Hispanic Community Partnership Program, and see how we are leading the change.

Meet Adelphi's Hispanic Faculty Members

Get to know some of our Hispanic faculty members at Adelphi University, and read about some of their research and scholarship accomplishments.


In Spring 2022, Associate Professor Jacqueline Olvera, PhD, became director of Latin American Studies. She succeeded Raysa Amador, PhD, now professor emerita of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, who became the first head of the program in the early 1970s. Dr. Olvera began planning a transition for the program, based on review of the program over two…

Hispanic Heritage Month: Isabel’s Story

Hear Isabel Fernandez, a double major in dance and management, talk about her homeland, Mexico, as rich in traditions and her time at Adelphi as “a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” Because Adelphi is so close to New York City,  she was able to see many shows at the Paul Taylor Dance Company and the New York City Center — enriching her study of dance.

How Adelphi Serves Hispanic Students

Learn about CSTEP

Adelphi University’s Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP) supports and inspires a new generation of Hispanic students to pursue STEM careers. 

How Adelphi Serves Our Nearby Hispanic Community

Learn about Hempstead Derner Clinic

Adelphi also helps the nearby community with the Derner Hempstead Child Clinic, run by Adelphi’s Gordon F. Derner School of Psychology. This clinic provides mental health care to underserved students. 


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