Gifts to the Senior Legacy Campaign are much more than just a donation. They are a way for our graduating class to leave our mark on Adelphi and support future generations of Panthers.

We are asking every senior to consider making a gift in commemoration of our graduation year. Our collective contributions will have a positive impact in the University and the lives of other students just like us. Thank you for your support!

Make your Senior Legacy gift now!

The 2021 senior class gift is an opportunity to support our University by giving back to our fellow panthers. Your contribution ensures all students, no matter their backgrounds, receive the same personalized experience we have come to value in our time on campus.

Seniors, you are encouraged to choose a cause that is meaningful to you. Did you participate on an athletic team? Do you love the Nursing Program? Did you benefit from the Panther Pantry? There are many causes to donate to!

If you’re unsure about where you would like your donation to go, or if you want your donation to support the University as a whole, then the Adelphi Fund is for you. For questions regarding fund options, please contact Mary Byrne, Senior Associate Director for the Adelphi Fund at 516.877.4688 or

There are so many reasons to give to the Senior Legacy Campaign. Here are a few:

  • Be a part of something bigger than yourself
    You may think that a gift of $20.20 or any smaller amount couldn’t possibly make a difference, but what if everyone in your group of friends teamed up to show their support of Adelphi? What if every student in the Class of 2021 made a gift? When combined with the participation of our entire class, your gift will make a tremendous difference.
  • Leave your mark on campus
    Our class gift is going to make an Adelphi education a reality for students for years to come. What better way to give than to leave a legacy that will last on campus forever? When you contribute to the Senior Legacy Campaign, your name will be listed on the Class of 2021 plaque of contributors, announced at Commencement.
  • Increase the value of your degree
    Many publications, such as U.S. News & World Report, look at alumni giving percentages to determine national rankings for colleges and universities. The stronger Adelphi’s student and alumni support is, the higher our national ranking becomes. This adds value to your degree, and will set you apart in the eyes of potential employers in the years to come.
  • Pay it forward
    Whether we realize it or not, donations alumni have made through the years have helped support the opportunities we had at the University. Now it’s our turn to continue the Adelphi tradition and provide resources for future students.

To make your gift, you can:

Make your Senior Legacy gift now!

  • Contact Mary Byrne, Senior Associate Director for the Adelphi Fund at 516.877.4688 or
  • Stop by Nexus Suite 200, to drop off your gift
  • Mail a check, made payable to Adelphi University, to the following address:Adelphi University
    Office of University Advancement
    One South Avenue
    P.O. Box 701
    Garden City, NY 11530-0701
Phone Number
Nexus Building, 200
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