Date & Time: February 18 8:00am – 12:00pm
Location: Adelphi University

This high school news event gives students an opportunity to explore their passion for media. Students may also participate in the Quill Awards.

Discover and Explore your Passion – Annual High School Special Event Series

Long gone are the days when paperboys hit the streets to call attention to breaking news. The media world has since evolved through social media, blogs, radio and TV. At Press Day on Friday, February 18, 2022, we will uncover some tricks of the trade from the craftsmen and women of the media industry, including newspaper and magazine editors, online and newspaper reporters and freelance writers.

The highlight of the event is the presentation of the Quill Awards, featuring 9 categories this year: Best News Article, Best Feature Article, Best Sports Story or Column, Best Opinion Piece (Column or Editorial), Best Visual (Photograph or Artwork), Best Arts Review, Best Layout, Most Outstanding Reporter and Most Outstanding Newspaper (Printed or Online). Find out more about each category! Find out more about each category!

The maximum number of students allowed to participate in Press Day is 15 students per school. The event is free and open to all high school grade levels and will be held in-person this year.

Adelphi University’s Office of University Admissions visitor policy requires all visitors to wear a mask while on campus during indoor and outdoor activities on campus grounds at all times.

Both unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals are required to continue wearing masks indoors at all times and outdoors where social distancing cannot be maintained. Please see more detailed mask information on our vaccine FAQs webpage.

Please share this information with your students, their parents and/or legal guardian and the teachers and/or chaperones that will be accompanying your students during their visit to campus.

For more information on our university policies please visit our website.


Registration will open January 10, 2022.

Press Day Student Contract

All students must have a signed Press Day Student Contract by a parent or legal guardian prior to participating in the event. This form will be provided upon registration.

Quill Awards Competition

To submit work to the Quill Awards competition, please be sure to follow the instructions listed below.

Competition Guidelines

Any materials received that are not in accordance to with these guidelines may be disqualified.

  • All submissions must be submitted no later than Friday, January 28, 2022.
  • Each school may enter up to six categories with a maximum of one entry per category.
  • A copy of the Quill Awards Competition Form must be attached to your email submission and labeled.
  • To be considered for an award, all submissions must have been produced between February 2021 and January 2022.
  • Be sure that all submissions including editorials, layout design and cartoons, have a byline and title as submissions will not be eligible for a Quill Award without this information.
  • Students must participate in Press Day to be eligible to receive a Quill Award. All students must attend Press Day with a faculty advisor.

Award Categories

  • Most Outstanding Newspaper (Printed or Online)
  • Most Outstanding Reporter
  • Best News Article
  • Best Feature Article
  • Best Sports Story or Column
  • Best Opinion Piece (Column or Editorial)
  • Best Visual (Photograph or Artwork)
  • Best Arts Review
  • Best Layout

This event is part of the Annual High School Special Event Series. Learn more about Adelphi’s Department of Communications.

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