Adelphi requires that students who wish to start an organization on campus create a constitution stating the club's purpose and regulations.


An introductory statement or objective, no longer than two or three sentences. This should state the reason for, and intent of the organization.

Article I: Name

The name of this organization shall be (full name of organization), hereinafter referred to as (shortened name of the organization as it will appear throughout the Constitution).

Section 1 – Eligibility

State, in complete sentences, the qualifications for membership.

Section 2 – Active Membership

State, in complete sentences, the qualifications for “Acting” or “Voting” Membership in the organization.

Section 3

If necessary, describe another class of membership, such as “inactive.” Keep the structure as clear and simple as possible.

Article II: Officers

Section 1 – Numbers and Methods of Elections

The (name of organization) shall elect from the active membership a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer at the (for example the 2nd to last) meeting of the semester/academic year. (Indicate further if any special nominating procedure is used and who is eligible to hold office).

Section 2 – Duties of Officers

The President Shall:

  1.  Preside over all meeting for (name of organization.
  2. Etc.
  3. Etc.

Continue list for each Officer of the organization, with a list of duties under each title.

Section 3 –Terms of Office

Indicate, in complete sentences, how long each officer is to serve. (Include whether officers may be re-elected to the same office position, etc.)

Section 4 – Impeachment of Officers

Indicate, in complete sentences, whether officers may be impeached, grounds for impeachment and the procedure for impeachment.

Article III: Committees

Section 1 – Standing Committees

State, in one sentence, the standing committees of the organization

Section 2 – Duties of the Standing Committee

For example:

The Constitution Committee shall:
Review the Constitution each semester.

Article IV: Faculty Advisors

Section 1 – Numbers and Terms of Office

Indicate, in complete sentences, the number of Advisors the organization is to have and how long each will be asked to serve.

Section 2 – Method of Appointment

State, in complete sentences, how the Advisor is selected by the organization.

Section 3 – Duties

Indicate, in complete sentences, what responsibilities the Advisor is expected to fulfill.

Article V: Meetings

Section 1 – Regular Meetings

Indicate, in complete sentences, how often and approximately when regular meetings are held.

Section 2 – Special Meetings

Indicate, in complete sentences, when special or “emergency meetings” are to be called, by whom and how members are notified.

Section 3 – Parliamentary Procedure

All regular and special meetings of the organization shall be run under the rules of parliamentary procedures with “Roberts Rules of Order” revised as reference.

Section 4 – Quorum:

(This is up to the individual organization) A quorum usually consists of more than half the total active membership.

Section 5 – (Optional)

Indicate the required attendance at each meeting, if necessary.

Article VI: Amendments

Section 1 – Procedure of Amendment

Indicate, in complete sentences, the procedure for offering an amendment to the Constitution. As a general rule, amendments are submitted in writing and are read at the meeting before the vote is taken.

Section 2 – Ratification

Indicate the vote necessary to ratify the amendment. Ratification is usually accomplished through either a two-thirds or three-fourths vote of the active membership. In all cases, an amendment must be submitted to the Center for Student and Community Engagement for approval before it becomes official.

*Not all student organizations will need to include all of the articles and sections in their constitution.
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