Are you ready to take your performance to the next level? The Adelphi University Human Performance Lab offers the most comprehensive sport assessment in the Eastern United States.

The Human Performance Laboratory at Adelphi University has conducted over two thousand performance tests since 1981, drawing from 40+ years of expertise with endurance athletes (triathletes, marathoners, Cat 1, 2 & 3 cyclists, and ultra-runners) and 20+ years of experience with the NY Islanders.

Our team consists of Exercise Physiologists and Physical Therapists, ensuring comprehensive assessments. Following the assessments, we hold discussion sessions to ensure your understanding of the technical assessment and to translate the information into a user-friendly recipe for success.

We offer:

  • Maximal Oxygen Consumption Tests including Efficiency Trials
  • Lactate Threshold Analysis
  • Biomechanical Analysis
  • Double Max Testing (bike and run) for Triathletes
  • Body Composition by DEXA or Hydrostatic Weighing

Sports Performance Testing Options

Sports Performance Testing can include assessment of metabolism and movement performance and/or body composition. The metabolic portion of Sport Performance Testing evaluates your run or cycle performance from a metabolic, cardiopulmonary and biomechanical perspective. You run on a treadmill and/or cycle on a Lode Cycle Ergometer from warm-up to maximal exertion.

Maximal Oxygen Consumption Test (Max VO2) with Efficiency provides the following:

  • Maximal ability to consume oxygen and exercise aerobically
  • The workload and heart rate at your Anaerobic Threshold
  • Serial blood lactate values to pinpoint your maximal endurance workload
  • Establish precise training zones for optimal physical conditioning
  • Determine your optimal efficiency pace and foot cadence
  • Biomechanical video analysis to improve run or cycle efficiency
  • Provide specific suggestions to improve movement efficiency
  • Evaluate your genetic potential
  • A plan to improve performance

Upclose of a runner using the front max test in the Adelphi Human Testing Lab - Maximal Oxygen Consumption Tests including Efficiency Trials

The Max VO2 test is performed on both a cycle and a treadmill to determine your maximal ability to perform endurance (aerobic) exercise. This is usually for the serious triathlete, as it provides all the same parameters as the single Max VO2 test, but you receive double the information to improve both the bike and run portions of a triathlon.

The resting metabolic rate (RMR) measures the amount of energy (Calories) one expends at rest to stay alive (baseline level of calories burned). The specific amount of fat fuel versus carbohydrate fuel is measured. This test is often used for designing a nutrition plan or a weight loss program.

Television screen with metabolic data visible

Body Composition Evaluation

This is one of the most precise evaluations of body composition. This involves measuring your lung volume by spirometry, followed by submerging yourself in a water tank of 98-102° F while exhaling air until only your residual volume remains in your lungs.

This is repeated with 8-10 trials until you achieve consistency. If you adhere to the protocol the accuracy is within 1% of your true body composition. The results of this 30-40 minute procedure provide the following:

  • fat mass content
  • lean body mass content
  • percentage of fat
  • total body mass
  • a target body composition to achieve optimal health and/or performance

Women undergoing hydrostatic weighing testing

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