The Dine + Connect meal plan provides full-time, first and second year commuter students with $250 Panther Dollars each semester that can be spent on snacks, beverages, and full meals at any of our on-campus dining locations, including Starbucks.

We provide this plan to help you healthfully balance a busy life that includes your studies and connecting with your on-campus friends and activities.

The Dine + Connect Meal Plan will be included in your billing statement. Students who wish to opt-out of the plan will be able to do so within the first two weeks of the academic semester.

The plan offers flexibility and convenience, so you have more time to connect with your campus community before, after, and in between classes, and activities.

With the plan, there is no need to carry cash or any other form of payment – your Panther Dollars are stored on your Adelphi ID card.  You will also save on sales tax with every purchase.

All purchases are sales-tax-exempt, and these savings add up. For example, if you purchase three Grande Strawberry Acai Refreshers per week, you’ll save over $20 in sales tax over the course of a semester.

Your Dine + Connect meal plan can be used at any of our on-campus dining locations, including the Panther Mart C-Store, Starbucks, and all UC Dining Hall stations. Did you know that the UC Dining Hall was recently ranked No. 4 among the Colleges of Distinction Best College Dining Halls?

Panther Dollars come with each meal plan and work just like cash at any on-campus dining location and the Panther Mart C-Store.

You can check the balance of your meal plan using your Adelphi app. You can also ask a cashier at the register of any of our dining locations to check your balance.

Yes. You can recharge your card online at or by visiting the Meal Plan office on the University Center’s lower level.

Unused Panther Dollars will roll over from the Fall to the Spring semester. They expire at the end of the Spring semester and do not roll over to a new academic year. Please plan your spending accordingly!

If you lose your Adelphi ID card, you should quickly visit the Office of Public Safety and Transportation to cancel your old one and receive a new one. Once you have a new ID card, visit the Meal Plan office located on the lower level of the University Center to get your meal plan reactivated.

Important note: a replacement student ID card will not work at our dining locations until you have gotten it reactivated by our Meal Plan Administrator.

We are here to help! Please reach out to us at with all questions regarding your Dine + Connect meal plan.

Yes, the Dine + Connect meal plan is not mandatory. You can choose to opt-out of this meal plan within the first two weeks of any semester.  Please visit our Dining Website to opt-out of your Dine + Connect meal plan.

We offer many healthy and balanced meal options including vegan, vegetarian, and allergen-friendly.

Our dedicated staff is happy to accommodate students with special dietary needs. If you have any questions about menu items, please seek out a Manager, Supervisor, or Chef to assist you personally.

Additionally, all our students can work with our registered dietician on staff for assistance with identifying the best options at Adelphi that suit their needs.

No. Adelphi’s student meal plans can only be used at our on-campus dining locations.

Yes. Our Transact Mobile Ordering app integrates with your meal plan as soon as you create your account. After you download the app, you will sign in using your AU2Go credentials and your meal plan will automatically be connected as a method of payment.

We are always open to feedback and ideas and will do our best to accommodate what you’re looking for. If you don’t see a snack or meal item that you’d like or are craving, let us know. You can submit feedback online or email

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