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Leadership is a skill that can be learned—and is critical for success in any management position.

In this leadership and management certificate program, which awards you a valuable digital badge for each workshop you complete to put on your resume, you will learn the secrets to leading a team, the techniques you need to know to improve your effectiveness as a manager and how to prepare for and manage through change. You’ll develop your professional skills and become a leader who can bring your team successfully through the challenges of the modern workplace.

Who can benefit from a certificate in Leadership and Management:

  • Employees at all levels who want to be better leaders or managers
  • Employees new to management

Leadership and Management Workshops

Complete five required workshops plus one of the additional optional workshops to earn a leadership and management certificate. Workshops can be taken in any order and digital badges will be awarded for each and a digital certificate will be awarded after completion of the sixth workshop.

Adelphi alumni or any student who registers at least 30 days before the start of a workshop will receive a 15% discount.

Art and Science of Leadership

Leadership is both an art and a science. In this workshop, you will learn the key elements of being both a leader and a manager. The focus is on leadership and management competencies. You will learn how to understand different leadership styles and approaches to enhance management effectiveness. You’ll gain skills in people management, time management and effective communication. You’ll model real-life experiences and take part in learning activities to promote skill building.

People and Performance

Learn how to take on the responsibility of engaging employees and developing trust to get their most effective performance. Develop the skills you need to coach; appraise employee performance and use corrective action, if needed; motivate; hold employees accountable; and increase employee engagement. You’ll learn techniques and tips for managing high, middle and low performers.

Using Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in the Workplace

Build your Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Many experts agree that EQ is the most critical skill a manager can develop to increase effectiveness. In this workshop, you will focus on several models of EQ, how to use it effectively in the workplace and how to make emotions work for you, not against you. You’ll build your skills in achieving better personal and social competence in the workplace and learn how to better develop your own personal EQ.

Effective Teamwork

Learn to build, develop and be part of an effective team. Gain a deeper understanding of team leaders and followers, team communication, team dysfunctions and the stages a team goes through on their journey to effectiveness. Particular focus is given to managing conflict. In today’s business environment, whether live or virtual, using teamwork to solve problems is becoming critical—so team skills are a must-have for staff and managers alike.

Change Management

Gain the skills you need to manage change in the workplace. Learn the basics of managing change, why change succeeds or fails and why change is so difficult, and develop techniques to overcoming resistance to change. You’ll learn the elements of an effective change strategy and begin to develop an overall Change Management Action Plan.

Optional Workshops

Select one of the following workshops to complete your leadership and management certificate.

Project Management

Through this interactive workshop, you will learn the fundamental aspects of project management and your role in the project management process. You’ll review the key phases of the project management life cycle and the activities associated with each point in the process. Learn the skills you need to write a statement of work; create deliverables and allocate them to resources over time; monitor and adjust a project timeline; and project budgeting, tracking and managing project changes.

Legal Environment of the Workplace

Learn the basic laws that managers should be aware of from a practical, day-to-day management and nonlegal perspective, including discrimination and harassment (including sexual harassment), disability and accommodation obligations, employee and labor relations, safety and health. You’ll learn various laws that apply to the workplace, learn to become aware of warning signs that might result in lawsuits and develop a program to reduce the possibility of discrimination, harassment and sexual harassment.

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