Adelphi University’s Bias Response Team provides a process to comprehensively and collaboratively address reports of bias incidents.

Protocol and Response to Received Reports

  1. All reports submitted to the Bias Response Team are reviewed by the team Chairperson or assigned members of the team and faculty advocates
  2. The reports are initially reviewed by a coordinator to determine if there may be an indication of a university policy violation
  3. Subsequent consideration is performed to attempt to avoid impeding on academic freedom or protected speech
  4. If a potential policy violation is identified the report is referred to the appropriate university office for investigation and adjudication of the incident
  5. If no potential violation appears to have occurred, the coordinator or assigned team member refers the report to a Bias Response Team member
  6. The assigned team members will follow up with the reporting party

Team members will then design and initiate a response plan. Please see the following graphical representation of the protocol for bias incident reporting:

Flow chart of bias reporting protocol at Adelphi University.

After a report is submitted it is reviewed by the Bias Team coordinator. If the report does not contain indications of a university violation then outreach is made to the reporting party and others involved. If there are indications of a University policy violation, then a referral of the report is made to the appropriate institutional entity for investigation and response.

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