Adelphi University is more affordable than you may think.

How to Calculate Cost

Your cost will depend on several factors, including which program of study you apply to, if you are a New York state resident, and where you will be living.

Estimated Cost of Attendance The published cost for attendance for one year.
Adelphi Grants and Gift Aid Free money that does not need to be repaid.
Work-Study and Loans Work-study is student-earned money during the academic year. Loans must be repaid.
Total Annual Cost for Family Parents/guardians pay based off their income and assets. Students earn money during the summer.

For many students, applying for financial aid will significantly reduce the amount they will pay each year. An important component of our financial aid packages are Adelphi University scholarships and grants — that is, free money that does not need to be repaid. The overall price is also reduced through loans and work-study — money students earn during the academic year.

After factoring in Adelphi’s institutional aid as well as loans and work-study, the remaining expenses are the estimated total annual cost for each family. This is a combination of both the:

  • Parent contribution (determined through the FAFSA by income, assets, family size and number of undergraduates in college)
  • Student contribution, which is the amount students are asked to contribute to the cost of their education through summer employment and a portion of their savings

The remaining unmet costs may be addressed through outside scholarships, private loans, and special payment plans.

The following chart outlines the components of the various full-time budgets for the 2023-2024 academic year. Students enrolled for fewer than 12 credits per semester will have budgets based on lower tuition costs.

Direct Costs

Costs Resident Commuter with Parent Off-Campus not with Parent
Tuition and Fees $47,290 $47,290 $47,290
Books and Supplies $1,020 $1,020 $1,020
Room and Board $20,028
Sub-Total Direct Costs $68,338 $48,310 $48,310

Indirect Costs

Costs Resident Commuter with Parent Off-Campus not with Parent
Room and Board $4,424 $18,934
Transportation (Estimated) $826 $3,402 $3,402
Personal (Estimated) $2,600 $2,600 $2,600
Loan Origination Fees $70 $70 $70
Sub-Total Indirect Costs $3,496 $10,496 $25,006

Total Cost of Attendance

Costs Resident Commuter with Parent Off-Campus not with Parent
Direct and Indirect Costs $71,834 $58,806 $73,316

Updating Your Cost of Attendance

If you are moving from living at home with family to living on-campus or off-campus (or vice versa) or if your enrollment status has changed between full and part-time status for the upcoming semester, we will adjust your cost of attendance accordingly. Please reach out to us at to provide any updates on your plans.

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