Every year the University compiles an educational expense budget for students based on the student’s housing status and level of enrollment.

The following chart outlines the components of the various full-time budgets for the 2020-2021 academic year. Students enrolled for fewer than 12 credits per semester will have budgets based on lower tuition costs.

Total Cost of Attendance $63,330 $50,500 $63,330
Resident Commuter with Parent Off-Campus not with Parent
Direct Costs
Tuition and Fees $41,480 $41,480 $41,480
Books and Supplies $1,020 $1,020 $1,020
Room and Board 16,580
Sub Total Direct Costs $59,080 $42,500 $42,500
Indirect Costs
Room and Board $2,700 $15,257
Transportation (Estimated) $1,200 $3,132 $3,393
Personal (Estimated $2,000 $2,088 $2,100
Loan Origination Fees $80 $80 $80
Additional Food Allowance $970 $0 $0
Sub Total Indirect Costs $4,250 $8,000 $20,830

*Total includes direct educational costs and indirect costs based on full-time attendance. These costs are subject to change.

Summer II Student Services - Office of Academic Services and Retention: We will continue to provide academic advisement remotely. Students can email oasr@adelphi.edu to request virtual appointments. We will schedule open drop-in Zoom office hours.

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