We recognize that the FAFSA may not reflect a family’s current financial situation.

The U.S. Department of Education allows schools to take into account situations beyond a family’s control that have occurred that may significantly alter the financial picture demonstrated on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Please review the information below to determine if you have an eligible reason for review.

Examples of these special circumstances include loss of income reported on the FAFSA due to:

  • The involuntary loss of employment (e.g. termination from job) of a parent, independent student, or student’s spouse whose income has been reported on the FAFSA
  • Change in Employment
  • Loss of child support
  • Disability resulting in loss of income (short term or long term)
  • The death of a parent/spouse
  • Divorce or separation of parents whose income had been reported on the FAFSA
  • Divorce or separation of a student whose spouse’s income had been reported on the FAFSA

Examples of circumstances that cannot be considered for a special condition include:

  • A financial change that is voluntary (such as voluntary retirement, or early withdrawal of retirement funds )
  • Consumer debt
  • Regular monthly expenses
  • Income that is reported annually on your federal tax return
  • Tax liability due to recent changes in federal tax law

How Do I Apply for Special Condition Consideration?

If your family meets the criteria stated above, you can apply to have your application considered for a special condition. Please be advised that this office may consider an adjustment to your application as a one-time exception during your undergraduate studies. Appeals do not guarantee any change to your financial aid package.

Please contact our Office of Student Financial Services at 516.877.3080 or financialservices@adelphi.edu for more information about special condition consideration. The process will require a separate application documenting your individual circumstance and you must provide supporting documentation.

Students who have a calculated EFC (Expected Family Contribution) of zero on their FAFSA, will not be considered for a special condition.

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