1. In fulfillment of its mission to provide “Quality Education that reflects Global Awareness” and prepare students to be successful in the 21st century’s complex and interdependent world, Adelphi grants qualified students the option to live and study in a variety of approved international destinations for at least one semester during their studies. This opportunity is extended to qualified U.S. and international Adelphi students in all academic majors, subject to availability of existing programs and resources. For international students’ financial information, please refer to clause 1.c in the Financial Policy section below.
  2. Colleges, Schools, and Departments will make every effort to harmonize their course sequencing to permit students to exercise this option without delaying their graduation.
  3. Any student receiving academic credit for coursework completed internationally, including but not limited to faculty-led study abroad, semester and year-long study abroad, short-term study abroad, field studies, and internships, must adhere to these study abroad policies and procedures.
  4. Any student receiving academic credit for coursework completed must complete the Center for International Education (CIE) application process, including submission of all forms, documents and legal releases.
  5. International health insurance is mandatory for any student traveling abroad in any of the above categories.
  6. The central management will ensure consistency in the handling of issues related to quality assurance, risk management, institutional and employees’ liability, and personal safety of the students. It will also ensure compliance with the Family Educational Right to Privacy Act (FERPA) and Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and with The Forum on Education Abroad Standards of Good Practice and Code of Ethics.
  7. The University reserves the right to deny or withdraw approval for student participation in study abroad and/or limit the number of students allowed to study abroad at any given time or location.
  8. Student study abroad is permitted in location with a “Level 1: Exercise Normal Precautions” or “Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution” travel advisory from the U.S. Department of State.  Students are able to petition if they desire to study abroad in a location with a “Level 3: Reconsider Travel” advisory. For more information on the petition process, email cie@adelph.edu.
  9. All student travel associated with Adelphi University is prohibited in destinations with a “Level 4: Do not Travel” advisory from the U.S. Department of State or a “Warning Level 3: Avoid all non-essential travel” health notice from the Center of Disease Control.
  10. Should a destination incur a heightened travel warning or health notice while Adelphi students are in-country on a University-sanctioned program, the Center for International Education will alert the University Executive Leadership Team to discuss next steps.
  1. Eligibility for studying abroad requires completion of at least two semesters for undergraduates, and one semester for graduate students as full-time students at Adelphi. They must also be matriculated, currently enrolled at Adelphi, and in good standing related to disciplinary and academic honesty records.
  2. Students must have successfully completed the previous semester at Adelphi as a full-time student. University College students and online students must have completed at least 30 credit hours at Adelphi.
  3. Sponsored International Students must obtain written authorization from their corporate or government sponsor, if any, prior to applying for study abroad. They should also consult with the Office of International Students Services regarding their visa requirements.
  4. The minimum cumulative GPA required to qualify for study abroad is 2.5 for undergraduate students and 3.0 for graduate students at the time of application. Some foreign institutions and/or programs may require a higher GPA. These GPA requirements must be met both at the time of application and at the time the program starts; additional requirements may be specified by the program sponsor.
  5. The maximum length of study abroad is one academic year or two semesters for undergraduates. Permission to extend this period by a summer or a short term session may be requested. The maximum for graduate students is one term abroad, and two for doctoral candidates.
  6. Students participating in any approved Semester or Short Programs or Field Study must file the appropriate application forms and be accepted for participation. If an Adelphi course includes an international field study travel, students must be in good academic and disciplinary standing in order to enroll in the course.
  7. Students are required to provide a Medical Form certifying that they are able to travel, and identifying medical conditions, such as allergies, and the need for special medications. Health information provided will not be a criterion for acceptance or denial into the Study Abroad Program. Students must also authorize disclosure of medical records, in confidence, to the foreign host institution for purposes of appropriate health care. Students are required to sign a release of disciplinary and academic honesty records, and to sign a Statement of Responsibility & Release from Liability Agreement. Per FERPA, the University reserves the right to contact a parents/spouse or family members on issues of safety or security.
  8. Students traveling or studying abroad in university-sanctioned programs remain under the jurisdiction of Adelphi policies, rules, and regulations found in the Code of Conduct and in the Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletins. They are also under the jurisdiction of the codes of conduct of the foreign institution partner, or provider. Program participation may be terminated for violations of either policy with the subsequent loss of credits and of tuition payment, and possible disciplinary action upon their return to campus.
  9. Any student seeking to appeal a decision regarding their eligibility to participate in an Adelphi study abroad or travel program should address the appeal in writing to the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs. His/her decision will be final.
  1. Adelphi students studying abroad on programs approved by the Center for International Education can earn Adelphi course credit for courses taken abroad.  Credits can satisfy major, minor and elective requirements.
  2. Adelphi credits for study abroad will only be awarded to students who have been accepted to study abroad by the Center for International Education (CIE), or by the faculty study abroad directors.
  3. Students may petition participation in programs not listed on Adelphi’s Approved Study Abroad Program List, when the said programs do not meet their academic and career goals the way an alternative program would. Petitions for specialty programs suited to the student’s major, or graduate school plans, as well as for study in countries not served by the above programs, will generally be approved. Petitions for programs in locations or countries where Adelphi has exchange or consortium agreements will only be considered for exceptional reasons.
  4. Study Abroad students will select their courses with the assistance of their faculty adviser and the Center for International Education. Students must submit a Course Approval Form signed by their faculty adviser and Department Chair. Courses approved as substantially equivalent to Adelphi’s will satisfy the same curriculum requirements as the Adelphi course satisfies. Courses for which there is no Adelphi equivalent, but which are deemed appropriate or desirable to enhance the student’s educational goals or specialization major, must have the approval of the Department Chair.
  5. All foreign courses must be taken for a grade, and not for Pass/ Fail. Students studying abroad must receive a grade equivalent of “C-“ or better for undergraduate courses, and equivalent of “B” or better for graduate courses, in order to earn Adelphi credit. Study Abroad courses will be posted on the student’s transcript with the designation of country/Institution of study and credits attained; however their grades will not count in the calculation of a student’s GPA. Students enrolling in an Adelphi internship, research project, and/or independent study course as part of their study abroad program must be approved by an Adelphi faculty supervisor who will grade the course. This grade will be processed as any regular Adelphi course.
  6. Students should seek approval for more courses than they are intending to take prior to departing campus in order to minimize problems with changing classes while abroad. Students choosing to drop/add courses while abroad must obtain new approval from their faculty adviser and the Dean or designee. Such approvals could be confirmed via email, no later than the third week of the host institution’s semester or the second week of the host institution’s summer term. Students must notify the CIE in writing regarding proposed course substitutions or changes, which will be updated in their Course Approval Form. Students who fail to obtain approval for changes in their study abroad courses cannot be guaranteed that they will receive academic credit for classes that are not on their signed Course Approval Form, regardless of whether they have completed them, or have paid for the new courses.
  7. Students going for a semester abroad must enroll in a minimum equivalent of 12 Adelphi credit hours for undergraduate and 9 credit hours for graduate, or an approved combination of course, research, and internship work. While studying abroad, students must maintain a full-time course load each term. Full course load will be determined by the receiving foreign institution. Failure to keep full-time status may result in cancellation of their term abroad with the subsequent loss of academic credits, tuition payment and federal or other financial aid.
  8. Some foreign institutions may require a language placement examination. If a student is placed in a different level (higher or lower) than the one indicated on the study abroad Course Approval Form, the student will be awarded Adelphi equivalent credit based on the actual level taken abroad.
  9. Grade appeals regarding study abroad courses will be considered in accordance with the procedures of the host institution or the provider. In the case of an Adelphi Independent Study course(s) taken abroad, appeals will be processed as in any other Adelphi courses.
  1. The Center for International Education is committed to making study abroad affordable for all Adelphi students and has adopted policies and practices that ensure that a semester abroad will not substantially exceed the costs of a semester on campus. Adelphi students studying abroad for a semester with approved programs will continue to be registered on campus and pay Adelphi tuition, which will be applied towards payment of their foreign tuition.
    1. U. S. students studying abroad for a semester or an academic year with approved programs will retain all of their federal financial aid and 50% to 100% of Adelphi institutional aid (scholarships, grants, etc.), provided students meet all applicable eligibility criteria for the awards.  Students can use 100% of their Adelphi semester scholarships for program provider’s whose academic program fees total 65% or less of Adelphi’s semester tuition.  For program providers whose semester academic program fees are higher than 65% of Adelphi’s semester tuition, students will be able to use 50% of their semester scholarships.  This excludes work-study, athletic, residential and Adelphi employee tuition remission/exchange.  Students must pay their tuition balance, or make appropriate arrangements with the Controller’s Office, prior to the date of departure.
    2. U. S. students participating in one of Adelphi’s direct exchange programs retain all of their federal financial aid and 100% of their Adelphi institutional aid.  Room/board/student fees, apart from those related to Adelphi tuition and fees, are paid directly to the exchange partner, unless otherwise noted.
  2. This financial policy applies only to approved Adelphi Study Abroad Programs. Students are not able to apply their financial aid and/or scholarships in support of non-approved programs. Programs are approved through the Center for International Education.
  3. Certain Adelphi scholarships that require performance or service on campus, such as Athletic, Graduate Teaching Assistantships, and Recognition awards, may not normally apply to study abroad.
  4. Students may apply multiple financial awards (listed in the scholarship section of the website) to cover the estimated program expenses, including tuition and related cost of attendance; however, they must disclose to the Student Financial Services Office any additional awards they have received, such as travel scholarships provided by the program provider; failure to disclose these awards may result in the cancellation of a student’s program and in disciplinary action.
  5. Each of the CIE Application Forms for Adelphi students studying abroad includes a Budget Planning Worksheet, the primary tool for accurately estimating the costs associated with participation in studying abroad and the funding sources. The CIE will provide the estimated costs of airfare, room and board and special course fees for the semester abroad to the Office of Student Financial Services. Students going abroad will receive their Financial Aid Award Letter reflecting the cost of attendance on the usual schedule.
  6. Students who voluntarily or involuntarily withdraw from their study abroad program will be subject to both Adelphi’s and the host organization/institution withdrawal policies and penalties. Students withdrawing from a program for any reason will be responsible for expenses that were made on their behalf and that are non-refundable. In addition they may be subject to refund policies of the study abroad provider or institution to which they have applied. Mid-semester withdrawals for any reason will require the university to perform a recalculation of eligibility for financial aid under the mandated federal formula (Return of Title IV Aid Calculation). This calculation may not be appealed.
  7. In case of emergency program cancellation or repatriation determined by Adelphi or by the Department of State advisory, Adelphi will undertake to provide completion of semester studies or alternative ways for students to complete their planned number of credits in the term involved at no additional cost. Should the university determine an early program termination, Adelphi will cover airfare penalties, if any, for the early return of participants. This does not apply if students are terminated for cause, do not pay their program tuition and fees, or if they cut short their studies abroad on their own for any other reason.
  1. Students participating in the Adelphi Study Abroad Program for a semester or a year will pay the regular Adelphi tuition regardless of the foreign institution/provider tuition cost, unless the institution’s tuition is higher than Adelphi’s. Adelphi will pay directly for the cost of foreign tuition to the maximum of on-campus tuition.  If another school’s tuition is higher than Adelphi’s, the student will be charged at the higher rate.
    1. Students accepted to a program with tuition costs higher than Adelphi’s tuition are responsible to pay the additional cost to Adelphi; the balance will be debited to their student account, and must be paid before departure.
    2. Tuition remission benefits for children of university employees and for children of exchange consortium members apply only to study on campus, the University will not pay a provider or a foreign institution for educational costs.  However, for semester study abroad, tuition remission students will be charged only the actual cost of the foreign tuition when this is lower than Adelphi’s.  Dependent students are responsible for all related costs, including but not limited to foreign application fees, airfare, room and board at the foreign location, optional tours, damage deposits, student activity or facilities fees, excursions, entertainment, books, ground transportation, and personal expenses.  In addition, tuition remission students can participate in one of Adelphi’s direct exchange programs and retain the normal use of their tuition remission benefit.  Room/board and student fees, apart from those related to Adelphi tuition and fees, are paid directly to the exchange partner, unless otherwise noted.  To review Adelphi’s tuition remission policy, please check here.
  2. Students are also responsible for all other study abroad related costs, including but not limited to: foreign application fees, airfare, room and board at the foreign location, optional tours, damage deposits, student activity or facilities fees, excursions, entertainment, books, ground transportation, and personal expenses, unless otherwise specified by the negotiated billing agreement between Adelphi and the program provider.
  3. All study abroad students must pay an Adelphi Study Abroad Fee as follows: $300 for an academic year or semester study, $150 for summer, short term, or faculty-led programs. This fee is non-refundable and is charged to the student account.  Students whose application was denied by the program provider will be refunded their fee minus a $50 processing fee only when the CIE has not successfully identified an alternative study abroad program.
  4. The Adelphi Study Abroad Fee is an administrative fee to cover goods and services provided by the CIE and includes: courier handling of documents that must be submitted to foreign universities, a commencement sash indicating the country in which the student studied, cultural and academic follow-up including activities/services such as emergency management and re-entry preparation, obtaining transcripts and processing credit transfer, and materials and brochures.
  5. When studying abroad, Adelphi students have access to Adelphi email and other campus services.  As such, study abroad students will be charged the University and Technology Fees while abroad.  These fees will be charged to the student account.
  6. Students going abroad must purchase Adelphi’s International Accident and Sickness Medical Insurance coverage administered by Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) for the duration of their term abroad, unless the study abroad provider has an alternative insurance in place. CISI insurance cards will be issued by the CIE office.
  7. Exchanges are special relationships between Adelphi and selected foreign universities and are intended to promote international cooperation and enrich the campus culture. Participating students are responsible for paying the tuition to their home institution and the room board and required fees to the host institution. The CIE will maintain records to monitor the balance of exchange students with individual exchange institutions.
  8. Refunds will be handled according to the terms outlined in Adelphi’s regular tuition refund policies. Students withdrawing from a program for any reason will be responsible for expenses that were made on their behalf and that are non-refundable, such as airline tickets or deposits on housing. In addition, students will be subject to the refund policies of any study abroad program provider or overseas institution to which he or she has applied. Mid-semester withdrawals for any reason will require the university to perform a recalculation of eligibility for financial aid under the mandated federal formula (Return of Title IV Aid Calculation). This calculation may not be appealed.
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