Make your voice heard to the Adelphi University Staff Council.

The role of the Adelphi University Staff Council is to bring concerns and suggestions regarding matters of general interest to non-union staff to the attention of the University's Executive Leadership.

Do not report actual or suspected violations of any policy through this website. Employees should report to the office or officer designated in the applicable policy.

You are advised that the University will not be deemed to have notice of any actual or suspected violation of University policy until the violation is reported through the process set forth in the applicable policy.

The University Staff Council is not authorized to act in an advocacy role or to assume the role of arbitrator in any matter involving a particular employee. Employees are encouraged to work directly with their supervisor or management personnel, or their appropriate Human Resources office if issues are specific to their personal situation.

Employees submitting inquiries to this website should be aware that an inquiry will be reviewed by the University Staff Council for response and will be forwarded to the appropriate office if sent to the University Staff Council in error.

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