Review the fine schedule for various traffic and parking violations.

Violations and Fines

Type Violation Description Fine
1 Falsification of information to obtain a parking decal/permit or use of an unauthorized or stolen decal/permit $100
2 Speeding or reckless driving on campus $100
3 Disobeying stop sign $50
4 Parking in an accessible parking area $100
5 Parking in an unauthorized location $25
6 Parking in fire lane/near hydrant $50
7 Parking on grass or driving on sidewalk $25
8 Parking in no parking area $25
9 No decal/permit $25
10 15-minute parking violation $25
11 No seat belt $25
12 Unauthorized storage of vehicles $10 (per day)
13 Unauthorized parking field $25
14 Non hands-free telephone device $25
15 All other violations $25 – $100

Traffic Summons Appeals

All appeals must be made in writing and submitted in person or by mail to:

Department of Public Safety and Transportation: Vehicle Permit Office
Levermore Hall, Suite 113
Adelphi University
1 South Avenue
Garden City, NY 11530-0701

  • Failure to appeal within seven days of the date of the summons will result in an automatic determination of guilt.
  • Failure to remit payment of all traffic fines may subject you to disciplinary action (students and employees), and may cause your parking permit decal to be revoked.
    • Additionally, you may be unable to register for classes, have transcripts sent, or receive your diploma.
  • Students, faculty, or staff who have more than three unpaid traffic summonses may have their vehicle immobilized (booted) with a $100 fee.
Phone Number
More Info
Levermore Hall, 113
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  • Command Center Daily: 24-hour coverage
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