Review the fine schedule for various traffic and parking violations.

Violations and Fines

Type Violation Description Fine
1 Falsification of information to obtain a parking decal/permit or use of an unauthorized or stolen decal/permit $100
2 Speeding or reckless driving on campus $100
3 Disobeying stop sign $50
4 Parking in an accessible parking area $100
5 Parking in an unauthorized location $25
6 Parking in fire lane/near hydrant $50
7 Parking on grass or driving on sidewalk $25
8 Parking in no parking area $25
9 No decal/permit $25
10 15-minute parking violation $25
11 No seat belt $25
12 Unauthorized storage of vehicles $10 (per day)
13 Unauthorized parking field $25
14 Non hands-free telephone device $25
15 All other violations $25 – $100

Traffic Summons Appeals

You may appeal your summons within 7 days of issuance of the summons by submitting a letter of appeal:

Department of Public Safety and Transportation
Levermore Hall, Suite 113
Adelphi University
1 South Avenue
Garden City, NY 11530-0701

The letter of appeal must include:

  • An appeal statement; 
  • The summons number (PS # in the upper right corner); 
  • Attachment (image or scan) of the issued summons; 
  • Optional – you may attach any photos that may help plead your case

You will receive a determination in approximately 2-3 weeks. ALL DISPOSITIONS ARE FINAL. 

Failure to appeal within seven days of the date of the summons will result in an automatic determination of guilt.

Failure to remit payment of all traffic fines may subject you to disciplinary action (students and employees), and may cause your parking permit decal to be revoked.

Additionally, you may be unable to register for classes, have transcripts sent, or receive your diploma.

Students, faculty, or staff who have more than three unpaid traffic summonses may have their vehicle immobilized (booted) with a $100 fee.

Phone Number
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Levermore Hall, 113
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