Students interested in Guided Research and Creative Works must find an individual faculty member to serve as advisor.

Students will generally work on a project that falls within one of their advisor’s active research and creative areas.  To identify potential advisors, you should look at the artistic and research areas of various faculty to find those whose work is interesting to you.  The Adelphi website provides a list of faculty interest by department, with links to individual pages showing research interests and publications.  Note that many students volunteer in labs and studios first (i.e., doing research not as part of a course) before starting one of the above courses.

You can also do research and creative works as a course. To do that your advisor will need to fill out an Independent Study Contract.

How do I contact a mentor?

You should contact potential research advisors well before the start of the semester if you would like to register for guided research for credit.  If your first choice is unable to take on additional research students at the time, you are encouraged to ask other faculty members. Remember that faculty are passionate about what they do. Do your research before contacting a mentor; learn about their scholarship, their motivation and what they have dedicated their professional career to do. It is easier to find a mentor when you share common interests.

Independent Study Contract and Process

Students register for guided research and creative works for credit by working with their research advisor to fill out an Independent Study Contract.  Your research advisor will then send it to the department chair and the dean’s office for approval, after which it will be sent back to you and your advisor who will send it to the registrar to be added to your schedule.  Registration can be completed before the start of the semester, or during the semester by the posted last day to add an independent study. However, you are strongly encouraged to have registration completed before the semester begins.

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