Encourage your students to develop new learning strategies.

What to Expect

Our tutors come highly recommended from instructors in the areas in which they tutor, and are selected after a rigorous interview process. In addition, they undergo ongoing trainings in order to assure that they are well-prepared to meet our students’ needs.

As a faculty member, you can expect that our tutors will assist with a wide range of difficulties. Our tutors assist students in developing new learning strategies, practice with them newly learned material and help them in solving challenging problems. In the interest of preserving academic honesty and integrity, tutors cannot assist with completing homework, take-home quizzes or online exams.


You can refer a student to the Learning Center if you feel they are experiencing particular difficulties in any of the following areas:

  • Understanding and learning the material taught in class
  • Understanding assignments or completing assignments on time
  • Completing homework
  • Problems with general organization

Please print and fill out the following referral letter, distribute the top section to your student (keep the bottom for your records) and instruct the student to visit the Learning Center with the referral letter.

Print a Referral Letter (PDF)
Requires an Adelphi University login to access.


We hire new tutors every year and appreciate recommendations and input from instructors. We are particularly interested to hear from you about students who perform especially well in class, who understand the material and show a level of mastery that will allow them to assist others.

Test Proctoring

The Learning Center offers select test proctoring services to students registered for online courses, and for those that received special permission from a professor for a particular exam. If you have a student that requires a proctor, please contact the Learning Center at learningcenter@adelphi.edu.

The Learning Resource Program also offers test proctoring services for students with documented learning disabilities or ADHD.

Holding Your Class on the Open Tutoring Floor

The Learning Center’s open tutoring floor in the Nexus Building is a modular space designed for high flexibility. This allows us to partner with instructors who wish to host one or more of their class meetings in the tutoring space. This can be helpful for a number of reasons, particularly in acquainting students with the Learning Center resources at their disposal. Some professors also opt to reserve a small group of tutors along with the space reservation who can be integrated into their lesson, can work with students in breakout groups on in-class assignments and material and/or can deliver a short presentation providing an overview of our services.

If you are interested in holding your class on the open tutoring floor, please contact the Learning Center at learningcenter@adelphi.edu.

Phone Number
Nexus Building, 132

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