Take a course, get a certificate or obtain a degree. Adelphi University offers generous tuition remission for our employees, their spouses, and dependent children.

Tuition Remission Form

The deadline to submit the online Tuition Remission form is the last day to drop a course for the applicable semester.

In order to submit a request for tuition remission, you must log in to eCampus Services tab, click on the My Benefits icon, and then click on Submit Tuition Remission.

In order to submit the Tuition Remission Form, you must complete the following:

  • Select the semester you are requesting remission for (Fall or Spring). A separate form is required for each semester for each student and must be submitted by the drop date for the applicable semester. Intersession classes must be submitted as Spring semester.
  • If selecting tuition remission for Summer, then you must indicate which session by clicking the appropriate radio button.
  • Select who (yourself, your spouse, or dependent children) is taking classes from the drop down menu. If your spouse or dependent children are not listed, you must contact the Office of Human Resources at 516.877.3220 to add them to our system.
  • Indicate whether the student has an undergraduate (Bachelor’s) degree. Dependent children are only eligible to receive tuition remission if they do not have a previous undergraduate (Bachelor’s) degree.
  • If the tuition remission is for a non-faculty employee, please indicate if the courses to be taken meet during your normal work hours. If so, written approval from Jane Fisher is required for EVERY semester this is applicable.
  • Read the form in its entirety to verify that the information submitted on the form is complete and accurate, then click submit.

For Children 24 Years or Older

Please find information below for clarification about tuition remission benefits for children age 24 and older.

Beginning in the Fall 2015 semester, in order for an employee’s dependent child who is age 24 or older to prove dependency for tuition remission purposes:

  • The child must not have a Bachelor’s degree.
  • The child must reside with one of the parents during all of the semester(s) they receive remission (unless they live on Adelphi’s campus).
  • The employee must provide proof that the child is being claimed on one of the parent’s most recently filed tax returns.

Proof of residence and tax dependency must be provided to the Office of Human Resources before the semester in which the child turns 24 and yearly thereafter.

If the child of an employee is age 24 or older and is currently receiving tuition remission but cannot prove dependency and/or residency, they will not be eligible for remission as of the upcoming Fall semester.

If the child of an employee is age 24 or older, is currently receiving tuition remission and can prove dependency and residency, the employee must provide Human Resources with the written proof prior to the beginning of the upcoming Fall semester.


Non-Union Employees

Employees of Adelphi University and their spouses/dependents who are seeking tuition remission for undergraduate coursework are required to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each academic year.

Tuition remission will not be processed until the valid FAFSA has been received and processed by Student Financial Services.

Adelphi’s federal school code is 002666.

If you are a union-represented employee, you are eligible to the extent indicated in the appropriate provisions of their collective bargaining agreements.

Tuition remission for non-union employees is available for:

  • An employee’s dependent children for the semester after one year of employment.
  • Full-time employees are eligible for tuition remission for two undergraduate or two graduate courses each semester for themselves.
  • Spouses of full-time employees are entitled to two undergraduate or three graduate courses per semester.
  • Dependent children of full-time employees are eligible for full undergraduate tuition remission for the completion of their first baccalaureate degree (whether previously conferred from Adelphi or another institution).
  • Part-time employees are eligible for tuition remission for two courses per family per semester: one for the employee; one for the spouse or up to two courses for dependent children if the employee and/or spouse are not enrolled in any course for that semester.
  • Coaches and assistant coaches are eligible for a maximum of four courses per academic year with no more than two courses per semester.
  • Tuition remission cannot be used for independent study or study abroad except as noted below.

If the Tuition Remission is for yourself (the employee), your supervisor will receive an email notifying them of your tuition remission. Supervisors will not receive emails when the Tuition Remission is for any of your dependents.

If you should terminate your employment for any reason (except layoff) from Adelphi during a semester (or cycle) in which you, your spouse or child has tuition remission, you/they will be billed for a prorated portion of the tuition charge. For example, if you (a spouse or child) have tuition remission for 6 credits in the fall semester with a tuition remission of $1,200 and you leave Adelphi on the 28th day of a 105-day semester, you will be billed 73.4 percent of $1,200 or 881.

Tuition Remission for Study Abroad

Tuition remission for study abroad covers:

  • Any Adelphi faculty-led study abroad which occurs in Intersession when the student is registered for an Adelphi course.
  • Study Abroad at Exchange Program schools in the fall and spring semesters.

Tuition remission for study abroad does not cover:

  • Study abroad or exchange programs which occur during the summer sessions.
  • Program fees.
  • Study abroad programs at host institutions during any semester, study abroad during the fall and spring semester with provider institutions (non-exchange programs).


Faculty Employees

All fees, including laboratory fees, books and/or any other costs associated with attending classes under the tuition remission program are the responsibility of the faculty member and eligible dependents.

  1. Full-time Faculty: Full-time faculty members may take two graduate courses per semester immediately following the date of appointment at full tuition remission. Spouses are eligible to take two undergraduate and three graduate courses per semester, at 100% tuition remission. Dependent children of full-time faculty members are eligible for 100% undergraduate tuition remission.
  2. Children of former full-time faculty: The children of deceased or totally and permanently disabled tenured full-time faculty and children of tenured full-time faculty who retired after having served ten (10) years or more shall be entitled to all tuition remission benefits available to the children of active full-time faculty.
  3. Adjunct Faculty: Adjunct and Senior Adjunct faculty are only eligible for tuition remission benefits in the semesters they are teaching at least three credits per semester. After one full semester of employment at the University as a regular Adjunct Faculty member; the regular Adjunct faculty member, his/her dependent children or the dependent children of his/her spouse shall be entitled to 1/2 tuition remission for each course taught, to apply to a maximum of one course per semester of full tuition remission. In any semester in which a Senior Adjunct Faculty member is employed at Adelphi, he/she shall be entitled to one (1) course at full tuition remission. The tuition remission benefit for the spouse and/or dependent children of a Senior Adjunct Faculty member shall be the same as that for the spouse of a regular Adjunct faculty member.
  4. Dependent Children: Dependent children are defined as the natural born or legally adopted children of the faculty member or his/her spouse and must be bona fide dependents of the faculty member or his/her spouse. Where questions may arise regarding the eligibility of a dependent or spouse for tuition remission, the University reserves the right to require a faculty member to submit evidence to support such eligibility for tuition remission.
  5. University Fees: All University fees must be paid in full by all tuition remission recipients in order for tuition remission benefits to continue for the faculty member’s eligible dependents.
  6. Financial Aid: Dependent children who receive tuition remission shall make application for financial aid on standard financial aid forms; amounts received from those awards and/or scholarships shall inure to the benefit of the University.
  7. Auditing courses: With the approval of the instructor, full-time faculty members shall be permitted to audit any and all undergraduate and graduate courses offered by the University. Time spent in auditing courses shall not be considered part of full-time faculty members’ required workweek.
  8. Faculty may not take nor receive tuition remission for courses that they are teaching.
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