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Whether you are a student, generous benefactor, someone who is interested in establishing a scholarship or a member of the alumni community who wants to share your story, we have the information and answers you may be looking for.

FAQs for Scholarship Recipients

Read answers to some of our scholarship recipients’ most frequently asked questions.

You can apply for a scholarship through the Office of Student Financial Services. They will determine your eligibility for such support.

In order to thank your donor or provide your donor with an update, you can contact Amelia Harrison, executive director of donor relations and planned giving, at 516.877.3751 or

Adelphi wants to forge relationships between students and donors, while protecting the privacy of its donors and the rights of its student recipients.

Introduce yourself by stating your name and the scholarship you have been selected to receive. Mention your major/minor and academic status at Adelphi as well as your sincere thanks for the scholarship.

Describe some of your educational and personal experiences, your hometown, the meaning of education to you, obstacles you’ve had to overcome and how this scholarship has helped you.

Describe your academic interests, extracurricular activities, career plans and/or goals.

Close by reiterating your gratitude.

You can drop-off a letter, please send to Amelia Harrison at:

Amelia Harrison
Office of University Advancement
Levermore Hall, Room 207
1 South Avenue
P.O. Box 701
Garden City, NY 11530-0701

FAQs for Donors

Read answers to some of our donors most frequently asked questions.

Scholarships are financial gifts to help students afford a college education. Scholarships are usually designated for recipients who qualify due to academic achievement, financial need, community service or choice of major, for example.

When you make a restricted scholarship gift, your contribution can be used immediately and in its entirety, often providing support at a larger scale. When an endowed scholarship is established, a perpetual source of funding is created for scholarship use. The initial gift and any future contributions made to the fund are invested for perpetual growth. An endowed scholarship fund will grow over time, providing scholarship support to students this year and for years to come.

An endowed scholarship requires a minimum investment of $25,000. This amount is invested for one year and a percentage of the interest (as determined by University policy) is awarded. An endowed scholarship will give in perpetuity. A restricted scholarship must have an amount of at least $1,000 to make an award. The benefactor gives an annual gift designated for the scholarship fund; a scholarship is awarded only if the benefactor gives annually.

Gifts may be made to the scholarship fund at any time and for any purpose, for example, as a milestone anniversary, a reunion gift, a memorial or an annual gift. A fund may be established and gifts may be added to an expendable fund until the endowment level of $25,000 is reached, or to an endowed fund to increase the size or amount of the scholarship(s).

Anyone can establish a fund at any time. Alumni, faculty, friends, trustees, administrators, parents and even student groups have established scholarships at Adelphi.

The benefactor who establishes the scholarship identifies the criteria that determine who will select the recipients.

Adelphi recommends having the selection rest within the University, i.e., the Office of Student Financial Services, the dean of the school or college, or the chair of a department. Adelphi will be happy to inform a donor regarding who the recipient(s) is/are each year and introduce the donor to the student, if interested.

The benefactor selects the criteria for making the scholarship award. It is best not to be too specific because the scholarship may not be awarded if there are no students who meet the qualifications. Then, designate the name of the scholarship and what its purpose is. Determine the qualifying criteria and decide on the selection process.

Designate the name and the purpose of the scholarship. Determine the qualifying criteria. Decide on the selection process.

Adelphi is always pleased to acknowledge the support of our donors. Contact the Office of University Advancement to learn about the naming opportunities and other forms of recognition we have to offer our donors.

Yes. Adelphi University will respect your desire for anonymity and will not disclose your gift if that is your intention. Contact the Office of University Advancement to discuss your gift confidentially.

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