Are you ready for for 24 hours of giving back? Together, we’ll make a crucial difference in a short period of time and what better way to do this than using our toolkit!

1 week out

Promote the day on social media platforms, in digital communities, and in your network to build anticipation and excitement.

3 days out

Contact classmates, peers, and previous donors in the days leading up to One Day to Give so they are ready on March 31st.

Day of

Reach out to your network to promote matches and challenges that increase overall donations on Giving Day.

Day after

Thank your network by sharing messages of the impact of Giving Day.

Email Guidance

We have put together a list of tips and resources for promoting your campaign, as well as inviting others to join in, via email.

Social Media

Show your support and spread the word on social media. We have compiled a set of hashtags and blurbs you can use to better connect with others and share the spirit of One Day to Give.

Profile Banners and Images

Changing your cover photo on Facebook and Twitter is a quick way to let your network know about One Day to Give at Adelphi University.
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