Our focus remains clear: to provide Adelphi students with a transformative educational experience.

Each year the Adelphi Fund begins September 1 and closes August 31. Each year we rely on your participation. That’s because gifts to the Adelphi Fund are Adelphi’s lifeline—the University wouldn’t be what it is today without this ongoing, unrestricted support.

It is not the size of the gift, but the number of alumni who give to the Adelphi Fund that matters most. U.S. News & World Report and other publications look at alumni giving percentages to help determine national rankings for colleges and universities. As the percentage of alumni who give increases, the stronger Adelphi’s reputation becomes.

When many alumni give a little back, together they make a big difference through their collective generosity. Unrestricted support of the Adelphi Fund can be used when and where the need is greatest, allowing Adelphi to be responsive and innovative when it comes to meeting the immediate, changing, and ongoing needs of its students.

The Levermore Society recognizes those who lead in their unrestricted giving to the Adelphi Fund each year. Members of the Levermore Society make annual contributions of $1,000 and above, which support current and future opportunities such as scholarships, new academic programs, campus events, and facilities projects.

Your gift impacts every aspect of the Adelphi experience:

  • Opportunities for students and faculty to engage in a community of ideas
  • Intellectual, cultural and athletic activities, because an Adelphi education unfolds not only in the classroom, but on the stage, on the athletic field, and in the community
  • Campus community that enhances learning
  • Scholarships and financial aid, which ensure that deserving students who otherwise might not have the opportunity can benefit from our unique educational experience
  • Faculty, whose talent, commitment and passion for sharing knowledge prepare students to embark on careers of purpose and inspire them to lead lives of distinction

Your support of Adelphi, represents the strength of our University—a community of steadfast loyalty and generosity.

The impact of the people, facilities, offerings and opportunities at Adelphi is unmistakable. An institution that is continually changing, our mission remains constant, encouraging academic excellence and personal and professional achievement.

Answer the Call

What you may not (and need to) know about the Adelphi University Phonathon

Adelphi has been calling on alumni since the 1960s. We need you.

A strong Adelphi Fund directly impacts the quality of today’s student experience.

Colleges and universities, especially those that boast the nation’s highest rates of alumni giving, depend on calling programs to reach alumni throughout their state, across the country and around the world.

Annual alumni support affects national rankings. A stronger Adelphi Fund increases the University’s rankings, and in turn, adds value and prestige to your Adelphi degree.

A phone call can be simple, effortless and insignificant, but the one from Adelphi makes a lasting difference in the lives of thousands of students.

The next time the phone rings, answer the call.

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