Course Reflection Questions


Course you are planning to develop:

  1. What were the most successful aspects of the course, the last time you taught it, and why do you think these elements went so well?
  2. Jot down some ideas about how you might re-imagine and capture those successes in a future iteration of the course, online. Dream big.
  3. What were the weakest aspects of the course last time, and why? Identify anything you hope to improve on in the next iteration.
  4. Might the online environment offer any new ways to address the difficult spots in the course? Even if you haven’t experienced the online teaching & learning environment yet—allow yourself to project some possibilities.
  5. What do you think are your greatest strengths as a teacher? How do you envision using those strengths when teaching your online or blended course?
  6. What is your biggest concern about teaching online?
  7. What are you most excited about?
  8. What is your most pressing question?
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