Date & Time: February 23, 2023 3:05pm – 4:20pm
Location: Olmsted Theatre, Adelphi University Performing Arts Center

Beautiful Sin tells a surprising reproductive rights story, one that resonates from Central America to the United States and beyond.

What if you desperately wanted a baby, but your country and religion prohibited you from trying the one medical treatment that could help you? In 2000, anti-abortion activists, with the help of the Catholic Church and a U.S. group, won a legal case that banned in vitro fertilization (IVF) in Costa Rica and gave the embryo legal rights, making Costa Rica the only country in the world to outlaw the treatment. BEAUTIFUL SIN tells the decade-long story of three couples struggling with infertility who take the Costa Rican government before an international human rights court to demand the right to use IVF.

Filmmaker Gabriela Quirós charts the emotional journey of these couples as they contend with infertility and explores the legal ramifications of reproductive rights. It’s a universal story about what happens when state power and religious ideology clash with the desire to have a child.

Funding for this program was provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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Part of the 2023 ViewFinders Film Festival: Focus on Social Justice

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