A University Student Account Manager will review all accounts with a past due balance and send out notices to the student via collection letters, phone calls, and/or emails until the full amount due is received.

For students who are not attending we offer payment plans for past due balances.  To set up an in-house payment plan, the student must contact One-Stop Student Services Center at OneStop@adelphi.edu or via phone at 516.877.3080.

Adelphi University has partnered with Flywire to offer payment options and provide a fast and secure way to make payments to your student account.

Collection Agency Accounts

If all Adelphi University collections efforts are exhausted and no monthly payments are made, or the account is not paid in full, the account will be forwarded to an outside collection agency.

The outside collection agency will report all delinquent accounts to all credit bureau reporting agencies.

To avoid this action, the student must contact One-Stop Student Services Center at OneStop@adelphi.edu to make arrangements to pay the balance or to update any financial assistance that is missing on your account.


A Student Account Services hold will be placed on any account that remains unpaid past the semester.  It will prevent you from registration for a subsequent semester and requesting a diploma.

If you have been awarded Financial Aid (including Loans, Grants, or Scholarships) and it has not yet been posted to your account contact OneStop@adelphi.edu.

Please contact Student Account Services Office at OneStop@adelphi.edu or via phone at 516. 877.3070 to make arrangements to pay the balance due or set up a payment plan and to discuss the hold on your account.

If your account is referred to a third-party collection agency, your account may be reported to a credit bureau. Once assigned, you will be directed to send all communications and payments to the collection agency. If you are unsure if your debt has been referred to a third-party collection agency; or if you need the contact information for the agency, please email OneStop@adelphi.edu or call 516.877.3070.

Payments made at the collection agency are reported to the university once a month.

Once the payment is reported, your hold will be updated.

If you need your hold lifted immediately, please contact OneStop@adelphi.edu and we will contact the collection agency to confirm your payment. If payment was made with a check, it could take up to 15 days for the hold to be removed.

The financial hold will remain on your account until the past due balance is paid in full.

If you enroll into Adelphi’s monthly tuition payment plan your hold will be removed.  Tuition Payment Plan provides monthly installments visit commerce.cashnet.com/ADELPHIFSPPPAY or call toll free at 877.821.0625.

  • Current Adelphi students can enroll in a semester payment plan and provide monthly installments. Information regarding the semester payment plan is sent to the student’s Adelphi email account; and can also be found here. For additional information, visit commerce.cashnet.com/ADELPHIFSPPPAY or call Transact’s Customer Care team toll free at 877.821.0625.
  • For students who are on leave, have graduated or are not attending, we offer payment plans to address past-due balances. For assistance in applying for this type of payment plan, contact Student Account Services by phone at 516.877.3070 or via email at OneStop@adelphi.edu.

When a credit exits on your account, a refund will be issued.  You will receive your refund within seven to 10 business days.

To ensure you receive your refund we encourage you to pick your refund preference through Bank Mobile Disbursements.

Go to eCampus portal login with your Adelphi user name and password.

Click on “make your initial selection” button to select your refund preference.

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