Please note: The Information provided is subject to change due to the modifications being implemented for the 2024-2025 FAFSA

What Is Verification of FAFSA and Why Was I Selected?

Once a student completes their Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA), the University receives it 3-5 days later in the form of an Institutional Student Information Record (ISIR). Once received, the ISIR is reviewed by a financial aid processor for accuracy. When a student is selected for verification, it does not mean that there is necessarily a problem with their application. Usually selection is random or due to inconsistencies within the data provided, thus the information must be verified.

How Will I Know If I Was Selected for Verification?

If a student is selected for verification, the One-Stop Student Services Center, “One-Stop” will send a letter to their home address. A student can also see that they’ve been selected for federal verification by reviewing the comments section of their Student Aid Report (SAR). They will receive the SAR by email after they submit their FAFSA. The SAR will be a summary of the application that they submitted to the Department of Education.

What Happens If I Do Not Complete The Verification Process and What Documents Are Required?

The verification process is important to complete if selected because without it, Adelphi will not be able to finalize a student’s Financial Assistance Plan. Students will be unable to receive most forms of financial aid — including Pell Grants, Federal Work Study, Federal Loans and the Enhanced Tuition Award Program (ETA) — until the verification process is completed. For first-year students, if they don’t submit or correct all required documentation, the One-Stop will revise their financial aid package and only disburse the aid they are eligible to receive. Once they complete the verification process, the other forms of aid may be reinstated.

To complete the verification process, the following documents may be required:

  • Prior-Prior Year Tax Returns
  • Verification Worksheet
  • Household Size Information
  • Asset Information
  • Citizenship Documentation
  • Education Credits
  • Number in College
  • Verification of Non-Filing Status and Any Wages Earned From Work.

All documents can be submitted through mail, email, or fax via the contact information below. All information in question must be resolved within 10 business days in order for the One-Stop to generate a PFAP. After completing the requested form(s) and/or making the necessary adjustment(s) to the FAFSA directly, the PFAP will be constructed in approximately 4-6 weeks. 

Please Note: Verification can result in changes to the student’s financial aid eligibility.

Verification Deadline

The final deadline for federal verification is the student’s last day of attendance during an academic year or June 30 of the academic year, whichever comes first. Students submitting documents after the final deadline will not be eligible for financial aid for that year.

Common Errors Made on FAFSA Resulting in Verification

Error Reason/Why Resolve/How
U.S. citizenship not confirmed The ISIR will include a C code and a comment (code 146) explaining that the SSA was unable to confirm the student is a U.S. citizen Submit, in person, the front and back of the student’s original alien registration card or proof of U.S. citizenship status, such as a birth certificate, certificate of naturalization or U.S. passport.
Default on Loan(s) A student is currently in default on a federal student loan that they have previously borrowed. Federal regulations state that a student who is in default on a federal student loan is ineligible to receive any additional financial aid until the default status has been resolved. Contact the servicer(s) to resolve the default status. Review loan history and obtain the contact information for the agency that holds the loan at To regain eligibility for financial aid, one must make arrangements to repay their loan(s) in a manner that is satisfactory to the servicer(s). This can include repaying the loan in full, federal consolidation, or loan rehabilitation.
Reported not having HS diploma or GED A student and/or their parent(s) reported that you do not have a HS diploma, GED, or that you were homeschooled If a student has answered this incorrectly, they must correct and submit the FAFSA at If their answer is correct, contact our office for further guidance.
Incorrect Academic Status A student and/or their parent(s) reported they are working on the wrong degree/certificate Review FAFSA (Q#30) If they have answered this incorrectly, they must correct and resubmit the FAFSA.
Bachelor degree status conflicts with academic status A student and/or their parent(s) answered “yes” to  “will you have your first bachelor’s degree before you begin the academic year” If a student does have a bachelor’s degree, contact the Office of Admissions, submit any required documentation and update our office. If they answered “YES” in error, correct and resubmit your FAFSA.
Federal Tax Return Should’ve Been File A student and/or their parent(s) reported that an income tax return was not filed, but the amount they reported for their parent(s)’ income appears to be over the minimum amount required to file a tax return. Review and correct the FAFSA in the student/parent section for the following questions: Student/parent tax return status and/or income information.
Amended Tax Return on File with IRS The IRS has informed us that an amended tax return has been filed. Submit a signed copy of the student/their parent(s)’ ORIGINAL federal tax return (Form 1040 and Schedules 1,2, and 3) and a signed copy of the AMENDED federal tax return (Form 1040X).
Duplicated FAFSA Information A student and/or their parent(s) may have duplicated information such as marital status, tax filing status, tax information, child support, assets and/or untaxed income. Review ISIR report for any duplicated information. Go back into FAFSA to make adjustments as needed and resubmit the FAFSA.
Child Support Paid was Reported On the FAFSA, child support paid was reported in the student/parent(s) sections. Complete and submit the worksheets: Verification of Child Support Paid and Household Members & Number in College. If a student incorrectly reported this information on their FAFSA, update the FAFSA and resubmit.
Change to Household Information A student and/or their parent(s) have indicated a change in your household size on their FAFSA. Federal regulations state their household size information should be those individuals who met the criteria on the date they ORIGINALLY signed the FAFSA Complete the Household Members and Number in College worksheet

Once all documents are reviewed further information may be required.

How Do I Know If I Completed the Verification Process?

Once the documents are submitted and processed, students will soon be able to utilize their student portal to receive status updates on their application. As of right now, students will receive this information through their PFAP sent to them via mail. Any errors in the financial aid application will be corrected electronically.

The information contained on this site is subject to change without notice.

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