While international students are not eligible for federal or state aid, Adelphi University offers academic scholarships.

Scholarship Opportunities

Undergraduate international students are eligible for merit, talent and athletic scholarships. Scholarships begin at $10,000 and vary based on your grades and test scores. All undergraduate applicants are reviewed for a scholarship recommendation once a complete application is submitted. There is no separate scholarship application. Candidates are generally notified within three weeks of their acceptance letter.


Starting for the Fall 2019 semester, Adelphi University will be offering two first-time university students who are not US citizens or permanent residents and who have attended high school outside of the US renewable 50% tuition scholarships.

Scholarship Details

Apply for Student Loans

International students can borrow under alternative loan programs, but they require a cosigner who is a United States citizen. International students are not eligible for federal loans.

Payment and Funding Options

International students can pay their tuition deposit and/or bill from any bank in any country, often in their home currency, using the FlyWire service. Credit cards and bank drafts are also accepted. International Student and eduPASS are additional resources in finding alternative sources of funding.

Financial Aid For Studies in the US

Organization of American States

The Rowe Fund program grants interest-free loans to Latin American and Caribbean F-1/J-1 visa holders completing their last two years of undergraduate or graduate studies in US universities. Applicants must have a minimum grade point average of 3.0.

Eligible Countries:

This supplementary financial aid, of up to $15,000, helps cover a portion of tuition and/or living expenses. Learn more at: www.oas.org/en/rowefund or email us at: rowefund@oas.org. We are currently accepting applications for 2019!

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