Adelphi Plus Learning Community

Adelphi Plus Learning Community

All the benefits of an Adelphi education—plus enhanced attention to help first-year students unlock their academic potential

The Adelphi Plus Learning Community is a vibrant option for first-year students who want help making a successful transition to college. It’s a one-year program that will help you build the academic skills and confidence you need through personalized support and mentoring.

Academic coaching and transition-to-college counseling are signature features of Adelphi Plus. As a student in the program, you’ll benefit from:

  • One-to-one academic coaching from a full-time faculty member
  • Support from a full-time counselor for issues beyond the classroom
  • Small classes taught by faculty members specializing in first-year instruction
  • Personalized courses of study allowing students to explore potential majors
  • An emphasis on soft skills needed to succeed in college

The Adelphi Plus Learning Community offers first-year students all the benefits of an Adelphi education—plus important extra opportunities to pursue academic achievement: one-to-one support; project-based learning; college-level skill development; and on-site mental health counselors. During their Adelphi Plus year, students in our vibrant learning community explore their chosen majors, or potential majors, in small classes with in-depth instruction and personalized curricula. Adelphi Plus faculty members work with students to help them develop superior academic skills, and full-time mental health counselors are there to help them overcome any non-academic obstacles. Adelphi Plus unlocks each student’s full potential for academic and professional excellence.

The small classes in Adelphi Plus gave me the academic skills I needed, and the weekly meetings with my coach and my counselor helped me develop the confidence I have today.

Camila Gomez Junior majoring in psychology and minoring in family studies

Courses to Build Your Skills and Expand Your Mind

During your year in the Adelphi Plus Learning Community, you’ll take courses to help you build skills that will take you through your entire college journey, along with courses that prepare you for your major and help you meet Adelphi’s PATH general education requirements.

Students in Adelphi Plus will be advised to take three courses within the learning community each semester. These include a First Year Seminar, Art and Craft of Writing and a Humanities course, each taught by Adelphi Plus faculty. Students may be granted an exemption by the director to substitute a course.

Examples of Adelphi Plus Humanities Courses:

This global 15-week course explores labor movements and unions, dissecting their history, struggles and societal impact. Through diverse lenses like history, literature, art and real-world cases, students delve into issues of worker rights, challenges and strategies, with a focus on intersectionality of race, gender and class. By course end, students will have honed critical thinking skills and gained a nuanced view of labor’s complex role in shaping societies.

This 15-week dive into religion and American society explores 400 years of intertwined politics, philosophy and sociology. Unpack the evolving influence of faith on society and vice versa, using historical documents, philosophical debates and modern issues. Gain critical insights into how religion continues to shape America’s identity.

This course examines themes of illness and health through studying history and works of film and literature, as well as religious and philosophical reflections. Through primary sources in the humanities, students will reflect on social inequalities in healthcare, differing values in end-of- life situations and in relation to reproductive care. 

The course will examine the lived meaning of money and commerce through studying works of literature and philosophy, as well as sources from history and religion. Students will reflect on the origin of commercial forms, the history of capitalism and commercial society, and engage with debates on the values that inform the business world.

Academic Coaching

As a student in Adelphi Plus, you’ll be assigned an academic coach from the program’s full-time faculty. You’ll meet regularly with your coach one-to-one and in groups to work on your skills and review coursework.

Faculty mentors

Transition-to-College Counseling

Starting college is a big step up from high school. Regular meetings with our highly trained counselors give you the opportunity to talk about any challenges you face and help you make the most out of your Adelphi experience.

Helpful support

Join the Adelphi Plus Learning Community

Adelphi Plus is open to all first-year students, although space is limited to 80. The program requires no extra tuition or fees.
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