How to help your student facilitate an intake with our office.

Ask your student if they have linked with the Student Access Office yet, and if not, to do so as soon as possible.  Once linked with us, the student can utilize appropriate services as much or as infrequently as they wish.

Follow up to make sure that your student is utilizing campus supports, and if not, encourage them to be aware of what supports are available.

Some students like to bring their parents in with them for the intake appointment. It is your student’s choice, but often we find that parents are able to provide a good amount of helpful information as we move forward with the process.

Simple things you can do to support your student through college

Continue to be a support for your student. Ask questions. Applaud successes. Keep in good contact. Ask about socialization and the impact, if any, on academics. Look for red flags of concerns and be prepared to ask difficult questions.  

Making sure your student is prepared for their intake

For students who have learning issues, we would like to review the latest psychoeducational testing results. If there was a 504 plan set up for any type of condition which impacted academics, we would like to see that too.

For mental health and physical concerns, we need a brief letter from the treating source(s) specifying a diagnosis and functional limitations.


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