Programs for Parents

The Institute for Parenting provides programs for parents that include parenting education, resources and support to young and developing families. The Parenting Center also offers several educational support groups and programs for parents to attend with or without their children.

Parent Coffee Series

This Educational Series for parents features experts on a range of topics related to developing families and young children. Coffee and dessert are served while parents are able to talk with the speaker and interact with a Q&A session, providing a forum for parents and children to discuss topics that are relevant to their needs.

Check back for future Parent Coffee events.

Me and My Parent

Hey Babies & Hey Toddlers!

These are renewable groups for support and education for parents with infants and toddlers. Our focus in developing an understanding of one’s child is combined with our motto of "come as strangers, leave as friends" which truly embodies all of our support and education groups.

If you're a newborn, or a toddler, then the Adelphi University Institute for Parenting Hey Babies & Toddlers programs may be just right for you. (Lots of babies and toddlers bring their moms but some are home with their dads and want to bring them—that's OK too!)

Meet other babies and toddlers close to your age that you and your parent can hang out with. Learn about key milestones and secure attachments. Have fun singing songs, and learn about how playing with your parent will enhance your brain development. You'll learn stuff like how to get to sleep so everyone in the house can be rested, and what a "transitional object" is and why you want one for comfort.

New Groups Starting in the Fall
Please contact Krista at 516.877.3016 for more information.

Raising a Thinking Child

Learn new and more effective ways to talk to your kids!

Have you and your 3-to-5-year-old child experienced some of the following: temper tantrums, hitting siblings or peers, interrupting, not listening, whining, acting bossy, grabbing toys, saying mean things? Then the Raising a Thinking Child program may be just right for you! This program will help you guide your young child to resolve everyday conflicts and get along better with others.

While you take the class, your child will have their own class and be introduced to the "Raising a Thinking Child" concepts through play, making it easier for you to use the things you learn at home!

New Groups Starting in the Fall
Advance registration is required. Please call Krista Diaso, LCSW-R at 516.877.3016 for more information.

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