Learn about the goals and objectives of the strategic plan for 2020-2023.

Goal 1: To increase engagement with the local and global communities

  • Objective: Continue to develop study abroad options.
  • Objective: Expand Telepractice initiatives.
  • Objective: Develop relationships with schools and local communities.

Goal 2: To continue as a center for Academic and Clinical excellence by integrating clinical training and scholarship

  • Objective: Develop elective opportunities to broaden and strengthen student experience in research and/or specialized areas of clinical practice.
  • Objective: Develop models of Interprofessional Practice and Interprofessional Education (IPP/IPE).
  • Objective: Promote best practice by developing clinical pathways through faculty and clinical educator collaboration.

Goal 3: Increase inclusive learning opportunities enhancing cultural and linguistic diversity

  • Objective: Demonstrate a commitment to ongoing training for cultural competence and cultural humility.
  • Objective: Offer bilingual opportunities to students, either through coursework and/or clinical practice.
  • Objective: Continue to increase client diversity and service delivery models.
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